Monday, June 15, 2009

3 Months young....

Picture thanks to my loving and very talented Grandpa!

Yep, already been 3 months. 90 + some odd days. Some very LONG nights. Some of the loveliest mornings, the best smiles, the cuddliest moments, the most interesting babble, and the list goes on!
I felt as if this month was filled with Forrest becoming more like a little person! A very smiley, happy, drooly person. His smiles just seem to keep coming and coming.
This month also came with him discovering his best invention ever...HIS HANDS....
He can now grab, clasp, and of course suck his hands to oblivion. It's the best thing ever. His pacifier is no longer his best friend, (though it still has it's key star moments,)it is his control over his limbs.
We had some trips this past month which led us to learn without a doubt he is somewhat a creature of habit. Visiting friends and family is wonderful, but Forrest also lets us know when he's had enough and would really just rather be in his swing, in his home, on his ranch, looking out his window, drifting off to sleep. And then again, who really wouldn't!
Oh yea, and that sleep bit. Still working on that one. He still regularly wakes up every 3-4 hours at night to eat. I have a feeling he will be doing that until we start introducing solids which we're not even close to at this point. Though, at this point I really don't mind. He usually seems to go right back to sleep after his midnight and 4 am snacks....
And the love affair with the swing continues, though.....
he has been known to take some serious snoozes in his crib, so at least I know it's not all or nothing with the swing!
Also new this month have been facing him forward in his carrier. He wants to see what's going on in this world. None of this newborn stuff anymore. He's a BABY!
Just recently the baby rolls are coming on as well. It'll be interesting to see how much he weighs next month...I'm guessing near 12 lbs now...but I really don't know. He just LOOKS healthy so that to me means a lot.
And the newest skill, just today.
RASBERRIES! blowing them that is. We'll save the eating for the parents.


Jonna said...

That is a beautiful picture of you two! I'm crazy jealous..... 3-4 hours?? Is that in a Row? My record is two!

Sheelagh said...

Awesome! I love this post and I have been working on a similar one. You're really god at summing it all up! What a cute little person Forest is becoming. ;-)