Thursday, November 21, 2013

Highs and Lows

It's been a week of rainbows and sickness, compliments and stress, productivity and overeating, gifts and no sleep, sunny days and no exercise.
yin and yang I suppose.
Thankful for most of it, very thankful for our health, when we have it.

This little sickie has had croup all week. He got the nasty virus last year too, and sure enough, 2 am Monday night it rather abruptly, without warning, reared its ugly head again. I though he was fighting it well when the poor guy spiked a good temp and threw up in my car last night at 11 when I was picking him up after work to take him home. Such an awful cough, croup brings. Lots of clean up, loving up, and spit up later, and we finally got a few hours of sleep.
Tonight, still a 102 fever, but at least some smiles!!!!!


I'm very thankfully aiming for next Tuesday evening, when I have 6 entire days off to enjoy my parents, my sister, and my boys and give thanks for all of it. 7 days of work in the 8 days before my break will be a bit of a sprint to the goal, but after the highs and lows of this week, it is incredible to have a mini respite in sight.
Here's to some balance in our lives...

Puzzle Love

Monday, November 11, 2013

A new addition to the Fultmeyer Family...

Starting our walk out to the neighbors house to meet our newest pet for the first time! The boys were so excited they walked the whole mile, up hill most of the way, without a peep....

The boys were impressed...This guy, a bearded dragon, is very cool!

Forrest a bit shy and scared at first...

...but not anymore! This bearded dragon has a new family of fans!
So...yes, our family is growing, with the addition of a reptile! This 6 month old bearded dragon lizard needs a home and apparently we are the lucky winners of the job. Our neighbors are housing him for the next month until we finish the boy's rooms, as space is at a minimum at the moment. I won't lie. I was less than thrilled at the thought of it, but after meeting the guy, (Kevin is his name, though we were more thinking of Oz, or Wizard, or something great and powerful...:-) he is kinda cool! And the boys love him. He's fun to feed, very mellow to hold, and apparently only poops once a week, (we'll see about that!)
Welcome to our lively home Kevin...errr...Oz....Wizard....I hope you don't go batty!!!

Weekend Happenings...

Apples, beets, a few eggplant, and more peppers! Loving the great Fall :-)

I was making my own batch of pumpkin muffins...and some jam out of balckberries and strawberries and the boys decided to join in on the fun...floor style! Play-Doh muffins and bread, complete with whole apples and a milk box as an Oven. May not be easy-bake, but still lots of fun!

And it's always fun to decorate Mom's real pumpkin muffins with frosting and sprinkle treats!