Monday, May 12, 2014

Goal Completed!

Oh boy oh boy. I'll spare much of the nitty gritty details but I finished my goal and survived to tell about it! The Tour of the Unknown Coast was Saturday May 10th and the weather gods were not exactly listening. 3 hours of rain to start off the day,  crazy wind, freezing the known hurdles, 100 miles and a ton of climbing.
It was certainly an up and down day for me. I had thoughts of hatred, thoughts of total self doubt, crazy insane thoughts wondering what the heck my body was doing, and those same thoughts wondering WHY I was doing this to my body.
And then I would catch a glimpse of a fantastic view, an awe inspiring valley, or another rider going through the same hell and Heaven I was, all in the same minute and it became all worth it. And to think of how few people even get the chance to witness some of the beauty I was given, or have the chance to complete what I did, made me ultimately love the day, (when I finished :-)
What a day.
Three straight hours of rain, just two hours before this? Really? Plenty of sunshine for the famed "Wall", as well as a stiff 25 mph headwind. Fun fun! But look at that ocean!

One TIRED lady here, the day after, but made my relaxing Mother's Day all the better though.
Even though biking is not necessarily a team sport, this event WAS. We couldn't really draft off each other through the rain, unless you wanted a mouth or nose full of dirt and water, but there were more voices of encouragement than I've ever seen on a ride, plenty of drafting help for the sunny but crazy windy section, and that comradery that ONLY comes with an adventure that is dishing out the hurdles endlessly.
The bond you make with someone as you TRY to get that warm cup of coffee in your mouth, but fail due to the uncontrollable shakes, and watch as other people do the same thing, is something I can't describe.

But I succeeded! We all succeeded! I actually saw grown men, studly road biker racers, do a little happy dance complete with kicks and twirls, at the finish line, just so happy to make it :-)
And, my true team member till the end, my wonderful hubby Alex. He made it all possible. Gave me the time every week to train, and ride, and ride some more, (and I needed every minute of that training on this ride!)
I can't say I'm gunning to complete this one every year, but for now I'll coast a bit on the ultimate high of conquering what Saturday through at me. Heaven and Hell all in one moment.

Happy Mother's Day!

Gifts from my boys!

I actually got to test out my new chair, (oh so comfortable for my super tired body!) for a whole hour! Bliss!

My relaxing partner, (dirty face and all!)

Talin is THREE!


Amazing! This little one is no longer a toddler. Though really, it hasn't seemed as if he's been a toddler for awhile now, but he has now officially hit the big #3!
This year he had a Mother's Day Birthday, so we had a little neighborhood dessert party on his birthday evening, complete with plenty of tasty sweet treats, super light up bracelets, and a campfire.


High Five!

Licking the trucks clean

Brand new firetruck! He's in love!
Happy of happiest number three to my Talin boy. Not a baby by any means anymore!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Early May in the Garden...

Things are coming along now, thanks to hard work from the hubby and a wee bit of bed raking and strawberry weeding from moi...
I spy an artichoke..or two....! And unfortunately this is all. Poor artichoke year....

MMM, MMMM. Meanwhile these delish berries are starting to go bonkers. YUMMM!

Lettuce is coming on! Potatoes sprouting to the left! Yum! Talin approves of the sweet green stuff.
Wild Iris's are blooming! I know, not actually in the garden, but too beautiful to not share. My fav wildflower hands down.

Our fancy schmancy covers for our Broccoli and Cauliflower are working great. No pests yet!

MMMM, salads. Hopefully quite a bit before this bolts!

Hi Baby Broccoli!!!!

Apparently, the cutest chicks ever...