Thursday, April 25, 2013

Post #400...

From this post, till now, these two little guys have come into our world. Looking back on my very first Fultmeyer blog entry I realize I didn't even have a title! Ha, probably just still figuring out what side was up at that point. I remember well, sitting, trying my hand at blogging, during a particularly slow ER shift, and thinking that I was never going to keep it up, and now look at me! Well, true, I am not by any means an all star daily blogger but I am proud of the fact I have documented a bit of our early family history on this sucker. I may not be the best at baby books, but blogging I like!
And from those early moments of Forrest's pregnancy, until now, we have two full blown kids! Not even babies, but little kids. CRAZY! It really does blow my mind how much can happen in 4 years, and 400 blog posts ;-) And not to mention our house, car, jobs, etc. that all changes along with the years as well.  Here is to another 4+ years and 400 stories about our life with these two great boys!

Brotherly Love...

Perhaps not always displayed in a "loving" way, nonetheless these two boys do love each other and seeing them interact, as crazy as it may be tops my recent parenting moments by far! Despite the absolutely crazy, hair graying, aging, ear screeching moments, there are so many of the sweet, kind, funny, amazing, and very loving moments as well that I need to try and document a bit better...
Forrest here is so proud he "taught Talin how to climb in the crib all by himself!" He then had T demonstrate it about 20 times ....;-)

"hiding from the monsters"

Popsicle love...Forrest demonstrating to his brother the perfect way to consume his special treat down!

art, together, for a grand total of 3 minutes...:-)
They already have a great bond, even with Talin not yet 2 years old. They are a bit of ying and yang, though both very adventurous, both loving the outdoors, and both our perfect boys in their own way.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

We've got Greens!!!

MMM MMMM a lot of salads coming up!

Red sail lettuce

Made my day, Talin chewing up a bok choi leaf! Probably the first veggie he had eaten all week as he's quite the picky one...Forrest and I were snacking on the new red sail as well :-) He actually ate most of this!

Forrest surveying the sprouting potatoes

Bok choi is plentiful! Yummy!

A little rice goes a long way...

...or maybe this is a lot of rice, when you compare it to say what we would eat for dinner. However, this Sunday I decided to transform the kids old water table that isn't often used into a rice table. We buy rice in bulk, so I swiped some from our 20 quart containers, (my frugal MIL may not agree...sorry Gloria!) and made a smaller rice container in a tuppaware for Forrest, with the intent of practicing name recognition with him. I quickly realized after rice was surprisingly appearing on the floor, (couldn't see that coming!) that a bigger container was needed and wola, the rice table happened!
Both boys love it and this way both can play at the same time. Ever so often we take a break from playing and dig through the rice in search of names. He can recognize about 1/2, we're working on the others, (Granny and Grandma are the hardest of the bunch...)chocolate chips make great motivation!
I'm not sure how long it'll last, but he's still playing around in it at the moment...already worth the 10 or so cups of rice we sacrificed I'd say :-)
Trying the too small rice container....

the dinosaurs were eating the trees and 'mcqueen' was saving the tree....

Talin making his special rice juice...;-)