Thursday, September 30, 2010

A lovely wedding with little Forrest as my date :-)

Jess and Joe, two amazing adventurous friends, were married on September 18th and Forrest and I were lucky enough to share in the festivities! 

Jess is a fellow PA, a super smart one at that, and past PA school classmate. We were honored to attend their beautiful wedding in Santa Rosa. Unfortunately Alex couldn't attend so my little Forrest man was my handsome date, (a nice drooly one at that!)
I had the pleasure of catching up with friends who I hadn't seen in a LONG time and Forrest was the toddler life of the party, (given he was the ONLY kid on the invitee list that made it...made me nervous...and happy he was appreciated!)
We had fun hiking and visiting good old TJ's prior to the festivities. The reception was perfect for Forrest as it held croquet, bocce ball, (case in point, anything with round fun bright colored balls to throw around is PERFECT for a toddler!) and a wonderful ranch house to explore.
We were thoroughly tuckered out and thankfully Forrest slept the entire evening 4 hour ride home.
Much love to the most beautiful bride and handsome groom on their wedding day.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

13,140 wonderful hours....

Forrest has been in our life. Yep blog peeps, family, and friends alike, what a wonderful and adventurous ride it has been.
Dirt, dirt, and MORE dirt!

18 months is a big one. I feel this is TRULY the bridging point between babytime and toddler hood. Forrest has really been "toddling" around now for 9 months, half his short life. But I almost consider toddlerhood as little boy training camp. And is he ever looking more and more like a little boy! The way he runs, screams, (and oh can he scream...), giggles, belly laughs, and talks....okay, ATTEMPTS to talk just screams boy.
Forrest is as cute as ever, as full of energy as ever, and still is our active little guy. Just two days ago he walked 1 total mile straight. Wait, strike that, RAN a mile straight as this kid doesn't walk anymore. If he's going anywhere he's running.
Due to his new found love for running we've also had the first skinned knees...and re-skinned knees, and skinned hands, and so on. Nothing serious yet, and I guess, kids will be kids. His feet, (which I swear grew an inch overnight...he's already in a size 7 people!)just seem to be moving a bit too quick for his body and head to catch up.

Forrest has gotten a bit pickier as well in the eating department. All fruit is still a favorite, though we sometimes have to limit it due to consistency issues in the BM department if you know what I mean. He LOVES our garden fresh watermelon and wild black berries. His love for eggs has mysteriously disappeared, while his loves for yogurt, applesauce, and rice are still holding strong. He's still drinking a sippy cup, (due to some ughhh umm, "laziness" on the parent side I guess not wanting extra messes with the big kid cup training....ugggh), and still drinking cow's milk and doing fine with it.
I don't have stats as I must admit, am a bit late getting him in for his check up. I will be relieved to get a 6 month reprieve after this one....those every 3 month treks to the doc can get tedious!
Forrest is still working on his words, and recently has let his temper get the better of him. Even though he knows "please" "thankyou" and how to point to get just about everything he wants, he seems to prefer the ear splitting scream that makes your eardrums just about split when his baby nerves need sleep, or just when he's had enough.
Again, we're working on this one....trying brief timeouts, ignoring him, and just mimicking good behaviour...we'll see...
Regardless this has been a summer of fun for little Forrest G. and his parents. We couldn't be happier parents and just love to watch him change and grow. He has a love for dancing and bebopping to the music that just cracks us up. This kid definitely has spunk and attitude....he'll be a handful but is going to make us laugh more than we ever have before! 

Cantelopes people...!!!

Nice juicy succulent perfect cantelopes! And watermelons! DESPITE our sort of pansy summer...with rain in the forecast this weekend I just had to spread the joy of our summer bounty, even if summer is nearly over.

Also a great time has been had by all here on the mini farm-stead with our green beans....Forrest was enamored by his new "fort" last weekend.  He was having a blast helping mom pick the crunchy delicious beans and even snacking on the raw veggies himself...

The pictures tell it all....

Enjoy! And if I could send you a piece of this nice juicy canteloupe I'm currently devouring for dessert I would....come on technology...:-)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Grandparents Day!!!

Forrest has some pretty awesome grandparents...
Grandma Gloria,
Granny Teri, Grandpa Ron...
Forrest LOVES you and truly would not be the boy he is today without all of your love and support. This little nearly 18 month old is a pretty lucky boy!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day!

 Forrest thinks you should all kick your feet up and rest this labor day weekend. He's doing a bit of between running like the nearly 18 month old he is and keeping his parents hopping...
Here's wishing you all a VERY happy Labor Day!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Eating well...

Our summer garden has NOT been our best this year. Despite it's rather mediocre output, we still have plenty of good veggies to feast on...
Take a look at our mini morning harvest session this September 5th, where Forrest was more than happy to help me load the bounty in his wagon, snacking on green beans and cherry tomatoes in between...

I'm in the process of putting in our fall garden which will include broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, lettuce, garlic, swiss chard, bok choi, among many others I'm sure I'm forgetting...
The bed is prepped, now just comes the planting. It is quite a little glut of work, but I know come November when we have fresh veggies, I will be SO glad I put in the effort on these warm late summer days.

Veggies are not our only yummy treats. This year we split a local organically fed pig, and our freezer is now full of pork, ham, bacon, and sausage. It really makes us feel better to be eating locally, and eating meat that doesn't have crazy toxins or horomones.
And of course, fish, fish, and more fish!
Megan with her beauty!
Alex took my sister and a friend out last week and they caught two nice steelhead! And this summer has been great for river salmon, ocean rock fish, halibut, and ling cod. We have been having fish tacos for dinner a lot recently, they are my new favorite. MMM MMMM, add a mango salsa and you might as well think you're in heaven...Forrest is a fan too!

We love our tasty, home grown, locally raised food. Not only does it make your mouth water, but it is so nice to know we are putting nothing but the best into our little boy's tummy.

Now excuse me I've got to go bite into one of those tasty tacos......;-)