Saturday, May 2, 2009

G-Diaper, G-cool???

So, a big parenting add to landfills or not to add to landfills, that is the question. Except keep in mind Alex and I both are not fond of laundry, especially the thought of two loads of cloth diapers every other day, (in order to get them squeaky clean). There is no diaper service out in our wonderful corner of the word, and I'm not really up for shuttling dirty diapers to Eureka 3 times a week...sooo.....
Enter G-diapers. Cloth diaper with a flushable/biodegradable insert. Though, us country folk on a septic system will NOT be flushing anything bigger than a couple of squares of TP down our toilet, (and even that has issues at times...)
But, biodegradable..hmmm
We're giving it a try. At least on weekends and on days off, and when the parental figures are awake enough and have the energy enough to deal with a little tiny bit of extra work...disposables for the rest of the "No energy just trying to survive" time.
So, we'll start our G-diaper compost bin, and sometime later this year, Forrest's pees and turds will help to grow a beautiful fir tree, (we decided it was a little too close to home to use it as garden compost...)


Ashley said...

Sounds interesting. Let us know how they work out for you! Are they very expensive?

Jonna said...

Ah! You must try EC-ing! It's super fun, and perfect for you guys in the country. Bodi's favorite place to pee is in the great outdoors! I did the G-diapers for a while, but EC is waaaay easier. Elimination communication. Try it today! lol

Roundy Clan said...

HAHA This made me laugh and I commend you for trying these! For sure write a follow up post to let us know how it goes. I considered the cloth diapers for about two seconds....I decided that I would make the world better by recycling plastic, aluminum and card board instead! :)