Friday, August 31, 2012

Vegas Baby!!! John and Kristen get married!

Last weekend we survived Las Vegas to celebrate cousin John and his sweetheart Kristen tying the knot. This weekend was the finale of a big reunion with my own sisters and myself, but I'll save that for it's own blog post. This one is dedicated to the wonderful event.
It was a beautiful wedding and so very exciting to be in the great crazy city of Vegas, even if only for a short while. Enjoy a few pictures....!!!!
The happy couple, seconds after their "I do's!!!"

The 29.....errrrr.....32 year old cousins, all months apart! So nice to see these guys again.

The young bucks, 25 years....maybe???

Natalie and cousin Emily

Baby Kalea, the cutest flower girl ever takes a snooze

My little date, Talin baby crashes out in the stroller

Good mama friend Amy and her little Brenna, this girl has spunk! Forrest has met his match!

Nat and Brett, the 30 year olds celebrate their last night being 29, (for reals!!!)

Awwww, twins from another mother, (and father...:-)

part of the wedding party, good cousin Sara and crew looking gorgeous!

The sisters and their mama all dressed up.....:-)
Amy and little Brenna enjoying breakfast treats at the great post wedding day Vegas buffet!!!

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