Sunday, May 27, 2012

Party Hardy....

 Which is what we did for Talin's big shindig this past weekend! We had a wonderful time, and were lucky enough to have about 20 big and little people attend the festivities.

We were lucky enough to have Little Cutie Zuri, the younger match for Forrest, attend!

Watch out!A big One year old on the loose....

We had a big salmon BBQ, complete with a wonderful visit from Aunt Megan, a very cool bear pinata, plenty of cold drinks, and a 90 degree day.
Go Zuri Go!

Of course all of this was for THIS little cutie, who just happened to nap through his pinata,
but of course took part in his very first cupcake.

Naked Pinata fighting, why not?
Due to the steamy weather, Forrest preferred the bare look, going along with the previous post :-)

Despite asking for NO presents...please!!!! we were blessed with some neat cool stuff, like an outdoor tent complete with a tunnel that both boys love....
new sandtoys, and blueberries! Now seriously what better present than blueberries!!!!
The day was capped off with the amazing eclipse that we were lucky enough to be able to view.
Megan and Mike, taking in the shrinking sun...

Happy Birthday little Talin baby!!!!
whew, what a bash Mom, I think I need another beer ;-)


Sunday, May 13, 2012

There's a lot of little boy warm weather fun going on around here....

 We have only just begun the warm season and already clothes have taken a backseat in this household. Both Alex and I are settling in to being surrounded by cute little boy buns ALL SUMMER LOOONNNG ;-)

our little salmon fishers

"Mom? Dad? When can we go outside and take these clothes off again???"

Friday, May 11, 2012

In One Year's Time....

....this teeny 7+ lb. newborn, the little cutie, helpless, guy he is.....

....turned into THIS one year old! Mr. Blue eyed, fiesty, nearly walking, jabbering, super smiley, easy going, Mr. Talin....

Amazing ain't it!
Happy 1st Birthday little Talin Gerald!!!! We love you more than ever! Thank you SO much for adding to our family with your little perfect demeanor. My baby you will always be....

Saturday, May 5, 2012

63 miles.....


It's not 100, not the infamous "century" but this mama found her biking legs today and pushed out 63 miles. It was a blast....literally in the last 20 miles a BLAAASSSTTT (of wind that is, right in the face, and often from all sides just to make it hurt that much more!!!)
But really I am so glad I did it. I've been on my bike, actually on the road, a grand total of two times for a total of 40 miles in the last year....yes, the last YEAR. I have ridden quite a bit on my trainer...while the kids take baths, naps, etc, but it just isn't the same as an actual ride on the road.
So, now you can see that this 63 mile ride probably FELT like 100 miles to these out of shape legs. 
Yes it did. A lot of self talk happened.
 A few curse words, primarily at the wind, and a LOT of sore muscles.
And, along with that, a great ride happened! Had great conversations, joined some great and FAST pace lines to remind me of my faster days, enjoyed some of the MOST beautiful scenery in our big state...redwoods, name it. And, of course, got that great high that comes with finishing an event or goal like this. And yes, I might have even passed a few people too....;-)

This all couldn't have been done without my amazing partner in crime. Alex had his own hurdle to tackle....our two little rugrats, one sick, and Alex himself having the voice of a prepubescent boy and being under the weather. He succeeded in his goal as well, with only a few blowups and fireballs, (right honey???!!!) and let this mama have her day.
I love you SOOOO much :-)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Grandparent weekend Extravaganza!!!!

 In late April I had the pleasure of spending the weekend at a vascular conference in Sacramento, and my parents had the crazy will to spend some quality time with the grandkids! Fun was had by name it we did it...flashlight craziness, Christmas in April, pool time, puke time ;-(, evening walks, train heaven, and even icecream at all hours....after all, it is Grandma's right!!!
Cutie Talin on his new tike tike bike Forrest was always trying to steal!
Speaking of the devil..."Where's Grandpa?"

Evening walk, trying to find Grandpa, (he had a way of disappearing on his bike...that silly Grandpa!)

Brothers in the bathtub!

Talin was actually a fan of the sunglasses!

Sacramento Railway Museum!!!! The Fulton boys loved it!

model...but I believe what railways would have looked like in our neck of the woods!

"Wow Mama!!! TWO more minutes...two more minutes..."

Two exhausted Fulton boys!

This fabulous weekend was capped off by not only great Grandparent experiences...but also by a spur of the last moment park soiree with old rowing friend Sarah Dreger and little cutie patootee Owen! My kids were a bit crazy and low on sleep, but this excellent N. Sac. park was the perfect place for them to burn off energy and prepare for a LOOOONNNG car nap, ( ooohhhh how mama did wish!). I haven't seen Sarah since her wedding and had never met handsome Owen, so this was a win win all around. We chatted about...welll...babies, as that is what has happened in our lives lately. It was a great, albeit short and sweet visit :-)

Kid craziness!

Great trip, but glad to be near home and out of the central valley
All in all I survived a solo parenting experience with two kids. A major feat and a bit of a fear for myself. Yes, I really couldn't have done it without my wonderful parents who I do believe needed a vacation from the grandkid Sacramento vacation! We didn't sleep much, but we sure did have a lot of fun!