Sunday, May 27, 2012

Party Hardy....

 Which is what we did for Talin's big shindig this past weekend! We had a wonderful time, and were lucky enough to have about 20 big and little people attend the festivities.

We were lucky enough to have Little Cutie Zuri, the younger match for Forrest, attend!

Watch out!A big One year old on the loose....

We had a big salmon BBQ, complete with a wonderful visit from Aunt Megan, a very cool bear pinata, plenty of cold drinks, and a 90 degree day.
Go Zuri Go!

Of course all of this was for THIS little cutie, who just happened to nap through his pinata,
but of course took part in his very first cupcake.

Naked Pinata fighting, why not?
Due to the steamy weather, Forrest preferred the bare look, going along with the previous post :-)

Despite asking for NO presents...please!!!! we were blessed with some neat cool stuff, like an outdoor tent complete with a tunnel that both boys love....
new sandtoys, and blueberries! Now seriously what better present than blueberries!!!!
The day was capped off with the amazing eclipse that we were lucky enough to be able to view.
Megan and Mike, taking in the shrinking sun...

Happy Birthday little Talin baby!!!!
whew, what a bash Mom, I think I need another beer ;-)


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Jonna said...

Happy Birthday Talin! I still can't wait to meet you!