Saturday, January 31, 2009

The beginning of the end...36 Weeks

It is pretty amazing that we will have a baby in the next month, (assuming he's on time, give or take a few days). So far I feel that his birth will not happen in the near future, which is good, as he is supposed to stay cooking in the belly for awhile longer. His head is down, or was at the last doc appointment, but he has not "dropped" at all, as you can most likely gather from the lovely but humongo belly pic! Makes for a squished stomach and some unwelcome reflux...Tums to the rescue!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Mind over Matter, LOTS of matter, (or just a lot of mass!)

Good friends Jess and Joe came to visit this last weekend so we took them to our famous ranch view spot, "The Bird Perch". And yes, "we" all made it up! Including my 8 month pregnant body and our little yet to be born boy, (and who am I kidding, like he had a choice in the matter!) And we made it up WITHOUT the use of pulleys, super duper anti-gravity machines, or a secret tram system we always think about installing.
It actually was very fun. No worse than backpacking with a 30+ pound pack on, (except you can't ever take it off...details...details...)
And the view to our little valley floor, (thus the distance we hiked up....)
Hence the name "The Bird Perch".
Adrenaline rush to say the least...not a place where you want to miss your step or you really would wish to everything that suddenly you had wings!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Just a normal January Sunday pruning fruit trees...

This afternoon we got the outdoor itch after a break in the rain and seeing beautiful skies outside our window.
So...the fruit trees got a haircut...and in some cases more like a mowhawk/buzzcut, (they're in pretty bad shape and Alex keeps telling me taking out more is better in cases like these. He compares it to a person having cancer, "You wouldn't leave big tumors in your patients would you...?" I'm still not convinced as some of the stuff we snip, saw, chain saw, is merely growing the wrong way...a little brutal?)
Anyways, I know this may be a little on the dull side, but it is a "Ranch" blog and these are the ranch happenings afterall.
During our tree buzzcut session, a beautiful huge bald eagle soared overhead, a red-tailed hawk made it self be known in the distance, and our barn animals enjoyed the outdoors, even our crazy, pea-brained chickens, (and let me tell you, the white hen with the perpetual bad hair day is a piece of work!)

We even had the pleasure of a beautiful rainbow at one point! (o.k., I cheated. This is actually a rainbow from two November's ago. But today's bow looked very similar, minus the autumn colors. I was just late on getting the camera...)
And, here is the photographer, and her precious cargo, who has been in his cozy, liquid home now for almost a complete 8 months! At 35 weeks he is about 5 pounds + some change and is showing his skills with plenty of powerful kicks and hiccups. March is coming soon!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Night Veggie Pizza

So this was the result of a somewhat surprise Monday off, (which rarely happens...ever...), homemade veggie pizza! Kind of a 'Well, what's in the fridge' type of pizza as far as the toppings go...but did it turn out yummy! The whole day was great. Didn't have a thing at work scheduled for me so I joined Alex at his place of work this morning, on the Trinity River for a drift boat trip! As my feet quickly became icebergs, (due to the fact that my boots are no longer fitting with my normal double thick wooly comfy socks...thanks to my little and evergrowing bambino!) I bailed at noon and took a nice afternoon nap. Again, that has rarely happened in the last 4 months or was oh so sweet. And to top off the day after a hot shower, the pizza was the final touch.
And the beer...that will have to wait till March. Because pizza and beer do seem to be a natural combo, I substituted with apple juice, yeah, not even close. Oh well! The pizza idea came dually from a friend of mine who made it with her girls, and from my current favorite just finished book,
"Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" by Barbara Kingsolver. It was one that I had started early last year and have just finished.