Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Night Veggie Pizza

So this was the result of a somewhat surprise Monday off, (which rarely happens...ever...), homemade veggie pizza! Kind of a 'Well, what's in the fridge' type of pizza as far as the toppings go...but did it turn out yummy! The whole day was great. Didn't have a thing at work scheduled for me so I joined Alex at his place of work this morning, on the Trinity River for a drift boat trip! As my feet quickly became icebergs, (due to the fact that my boots are no longer fitting with my normal double thick wooly comfy socks...thanks to my little and evergrowing bambino!) I bailed at noon and took a nice afternoon nap. Again, that has rarely happened in the last 4 months or was oh so sweet. And to top off the day after a hot shower, the pizza was the final touch.
And the beer...that will have to wait till March. Because pizza and beer do seem to be a natural combo, I substituted with apple juice, yeah, not even close. Oh well! The pizza idea came dually from a friend of mine who made it with her girls, and from my current favorite just finished book,
"Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" by Barbara Kingsolver. It was one that I had started early last year and have just finished.

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Jonna said...

That pizza looks delicious! You are such a good cook, using all your own veggies. You'll have to help me with my farm!