Saturday, October 30, 2010

Monday, October 25, 2010

12 weeks

Almost to my second trimester! Already! Last week was rough, mainly on the work front. One super late night with a crazy case till 2 am and my whole week was shot. I didn't make it home till Thursday and compensated by eating's hard, this pregnancy thing. A non pregnant Katie would have downed the caffeine and survived with a smile on her face. The preggo PA eats whatever sugar and junk she can find, (pizza two nights in a row, fudgy brownies, the list could go on and on,) which may indeed keep her awake and alert to keep to the task at hand but leaves her feeling shitty and not so smiley to say the least.
Oh well, just makes me wonder what really is worse for baby, more caffeine on one night once in awhile, or too much sugar, fat, grease, etc.
Regardless we survived and all are doing well.
I'm feeling better, other that the fatigue factor. My only pukey time was after I ate about 5 packages of smarties in a row on before mentioned late night/early morning. My belly didn't like that so much and rejected it. I'm glad, tells me my body knows that that junk just isn't good!
Speaking of said belly, it is ever expanding already. Of course, that brownie/smartie overload I'm sure has something do do with it, but I also know your second kid can pop quicker.
12 weeks

This little tike is still under wraps, but not for long as I think I'm already getting unusual glances towards my belly...might be my imagination, but I think the cat will be out of the bag this week at work with the rest of the world to follow...
We are really excited for this little babe to come, though these early days when the secret is still under wraps are nice too...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

"poof!!!!" Pacifier be GONE!!!!!

Yep, just like that Forrest's baby we have affectionately called it in the GONE! Last week when he got sick, he suddenly decided he didn't want it, and seemed to be falling asleep with just his blankie and some comforting with no real problem. It was actually a rough week, but that was because he was sick  than anything else, though possibly also due to the fact that he was waking up in the middle of the night and unable to self soothe bc. the pacifier was gone.
Regardless, he is officially done with it! Now it has been 9 days sans plug. He's doing great...still sick with an ear infection currently, and on antibiotics, but no plug! We hid them all, so out of sight, out of mind. I think one time yesterday he seemed to be on a search for one on his window sill above his crib, and in the crib itself, but quickly gave up after some baby rubs and comfort from mama.
I never dreamed this would be so easy and am very thankful it has been. He's doing well at daycare without it too. I had been researching just how to go about taking it away from him, as he has been a binkie lover until this point, and wanted to make the cut before his two year birthday. Well, just goes to show you that sometimes the baby himself knows whats best for him!
Way to go Forrest!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall hike up the North Fork of the Trinity River...

Today we had a "planned" power outage from 3am-8pm out our little home in the woods, (i.e. at least 17 hours without electricity, happens from time to time in our area. We learned tonight 8pm really means midnight I guess....) and we decided to vacate the house and hike up a beautiful river. Forrest, still sick though feeling MUCH better after 11.5 hours of sound sleep last night, (woweee!!!) was more content than normal to ride in his pack and enjoy the scenery. Other than two brief baby breakdowns and some car sickness on my part it was an awesome day and hike.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The reality of daycare... numerous colds, viral bugs, snotty noses, and coughing little mouths. No sooner did Forrest almost knock the most recent cold that he got 4 weeks ago, another viral menace grabbed him hard. We just visited the pediatrician yesterday for a WELL child visit....(WELL, HA!, as well as a toddler in daycare gets...) and Dr. Jeff cemented what I already knew. It is NORMAL for these little ones to get 6-8 colds a year...and ADD 50% if they are in daycare.
I remember learning this scary factoid in PA school. I remember thinking to myself, "no WAY...just an adults' two to three colds a year are miserable, imagine 6...8...12!!!"
But, here I am, and here Forrest is, a normal, healthy, fit, strong, vitale 19 month old to tell you that scary statistic is true.
From what I can remember, Forrest has had 11 colds in his lifetime...AND he did not get his first till he was 9 months old, (of course the same month he started daycare....the petry dish itself.)
So we are right on track with the text book.Hence, viruses will one day rule the thought for the day.
The hard part is, his mama seems to get the majority of his viral bugs as well.
So far so good on this last one, but we'll see as we're only 48 hours into it. But it is a doozey...the 102.9 temp, coughing so hard you throw up FIVE times on you mama's lap, never ending snotty nose, bleary eyed grouchy/delerious/giggly/smiley/but mainly unhappy child. Not all are like this, (in case any parents out there are ready to swear their kids away from daycare and school forever...) Most ARE merely a snotty nose and cough...gone in a week...
Day care is truly a mixed blessing. I LOVE it for the social interaction Forrest gets, for the smiles and yelps of delight he gives me when we pull up to the front door three mornings a week, and for the time it gives Alex and I to make a living and support our family.
BUT, the endless sick child syndrome is absolutely a major drawback. Of course sick kids can't go to daycare, thus leaving parents scrambling. I agree with this rule if everyone followed it, and obviously not everyone does or we wouldn't be sick so often....of course Forrest has gone plenty of times with just a runny nose as his symptom and NOTHING else. So therefore we are probably spreading the little buggers ourselves. And, yes, I also know if they don't go through this sick kid stuff now, it'll be in pre-school or Kindergarten when Petry dishes #2 and 3 start up.
Oh well...tis life. Lets just hope my little man gets some much needed rest tonight and feels better in the morning. Poor kiddo. He really is miserable....:-(

"Over the state, on an airplane to Grandmother's house we go...."

 Last weekend we had the opportunity to travel to my parent's house in Southern Cal. I attended a PA conference in Palm Springs and my parents graciously hung out with the little busy bee Forrest for the time. We were lucky enough to have a large room at Desert Hot Springs Spa and Hotel and Forrest had a grand time pool side picking up on the ladies. His shirt, "Chicks Dig Me" probably helped the mood a bit as well as his constant "HI, Hello, HIIIIII, thanks, thankyou" etc. etc.  It was not just the younger ladies, but ladies of all ages were loving the blondie baby. As my mom said, all other grandmothers were quite jealous!
We had a bit of time at my parents house as well before and after the conference. Forrest had fun playing with a few old toys like you see below. He went around and around in circles through the kitchen and living room toting snoopy behind him. It was a crack up to see, specially for my parents who can remember my sisters and I doing the same thing.

Forrest riding the baggage cart like a champ, with "nomad" his most favorite car of all....

Forrest and his Grandpa were partners...

Forrest enjoying kiddie pool time with his Granny in the background
We had a great time, though again I have sworn off traveling on a plane with him. I did this after my trip back east and of course this trip came up and the trials disappeared. But I've realized this age is least when you have to sit on a jammed packed plane with no extra room and a 19 month old who just doesn't want to sit, and wants to do EVERYTHING that is just not cool to do at 32,000 feet. Part of the problem is that I didn't buy him his own seat, if they are under 2 they can fly on your lap. But that will soon end anyways as his big 2 year old milestone will creep up before we know it! Overall though we survived, albeit very tired and glad to be home. I now am fresh out of tricks and tips for keeping a kiddo occupied on the plane....and think that we are content to be home bodies for a time. But to spend 5 days with my parents was so worth it...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fultmeyer #2's first photo shoot...

Today I had my first ultrasound of our little blueberry. I was anxiously awaiting this date as my due date has been a bit allusive. I knew I was pregnant, but how far along I was was a bit of a mystery. I like being able to plan ahead, (I know, those that know my messy and chaotic ways are laughing....) but it's true. Weather it's a trip, or a our second child, I like KNOWING....
So....everything looked fabulous! I found out I was 9 weeks, 3 days along and have a due date of May 15th, 2011. A late spring baby! So, even if I am early, or, more likely, late, I most likely will have our little bean in May.
We are very excited about the news. I told my two sisters the news just after the ultrasound, and updated my parents as they are really the only ones we have told yet. I think we're going to try and keep our little secret for another few weeks.
I'm actually feeling better than I was 2 weeks ago. Less nausea and no vomiting, thank goodness. Traveling down to my parents was exhausting, but thankfully I never had the nausea in the plane, which was a fear of mine. The exhaustion is overwhelming though...I can make it through my work day BARELY...with an extra cup of coffee, (I know, I'm weaning myself down....currently at 1 1/2 cups/day....) and crash at 9 to get up at 6 and do it all over again. The night I actually get the 9 hours of sleep my body suddenly craves is rare, thanks to, well, life...sick kids, company, you name it...
But, I know this to shall pass. 10 weeks is around the corner. And my 2nd trimester will be soon to follow!

Feeling the pain...

Or maybe not PAIN per se, but man am I getting my butt kicked. My newly pregnant, super snotted up sicky head, feeling like I suddenly don't have the energy to lift a finger much less care for my crazily energetic kiddo all while continuing to work which normally is an exhausting task in itself.
The nausea this time is intense, or can be. I'll be feeling great one minute and then WHAM, the feeling swoops over me and I quickly try to divert my mind, stay on my feet, and figure out how to quell the monster in my stomach. Is it food? Sometimes. Is it the toilet? Sometimes as well though I've only succumbed twice thus far. Most of the time I just continue doing what I'm doing and pray to the pregnancy gods that yes, this too shall pass. And no cravings though...nothing sounds good though food does often quell the nausea somewhat.
I'm 7-8 weeks along at this time, won't know my dating for sure until that first ultrasound in 2 weeks, and I know I've got a ways to go feeling like crap, to be blunt. I am glad I feel this way in that it helps me know my body is doing what it needs to be doing to create another human life. I've been reviewing a few pregnancy books I have and it is truly SO amazing to think about the organs and organ systems developing inside me at this very moment! For all I know my truly crappy day today could have resulted in my sweet pea #2 having her/his nervous system close, having the fourth chamber of her heart be completed, or by having the 2nd lobe of her liver fully develop! CRAZY!
I'm a bit more worried this time around as well. I have my explanations for this but on a particularly good day last week with only minimal nausea and fatigue I started worrying myself thinking that something had happened, my baby had stopped developing, and this was why I was feeling good all the sudden...
Craziness I know...
Today I made it through a Saturday on call. I made it through a 3 hour OR case, and another case full of stinky pus. I literally gagged in my mask. But I made it. Normally I've got an iron stomach when it comes to these things, but with my pregnant body, suddenly I become vulnerable. Lets hope tomorrow is a bit better.
No one knows yet about our little pea pod #2, though I've come close to telling the surgeon I work with simply out of can't have a puking lightheaded assistant and expect good results.
With Forrest my problem was suddenly becoming lightheaded and nearly passing out in the middle of cases, and this didn't happen till the beginning of the 2nd trimester...I'm dreading that one...lots of fluids, lots of sleep...
So for now my secret is safe and my mind tells me to try and roll with the punches for now. I am hopeful I can conceal my lovely secret another few weeks....
wish me luck...:-)
And lets wish for my cold to go away FINALLY. Simply put, snot sucks...