Monday, October 25, 2010

12 weeks

Almost to my second trimester! Already! Last week was rough, mainly on the work front. One super late night with a crazy case till 2 am and my whole week was shot. I didn't make it home till Thursday and compensated by eating's hard, this pregnancy thing. A non pregnant Katie would have downed the caffeine and survived with a smile on her face. The preggo PA eats whatever sugar and junk she can find, (pizza two nights in a row, fudgy brownies, the list could go on and on,) which may indeed keep her awake and alert to keep to the task at hand but leaves her feeling shitty and not so smiley to say the least.
Oh well, just makes me wonder what really is worse for baby, more caffeine on one night once in awhile, or too much sugar, fat, grease, etc.
Regardless we survived and all are doing well.
I'm feeling better, other that the fatigue factor. My only pukey time was after I ate about 5 packages of smarties in a row on before mentioned late night/early morning. My belly didn't like that so much and rejected it. I'm glad, tells me my body knows that that junk just isn't good!
Speaking of said belly, it is ever expanding already. Of course, that brownie/smartie overload I'm sure has something do do with it, but I also know your second kid can pop quicker.
12 weeks

This little tike is still under wraps, but not for long as I think I'm already getting unusual glances towards my belly...might be my imagination, but I think the cat will be out of the bag this week at work with the rest of the world to follow...
We are really excited for this little babe to come, though these early days when the secret is still under wraps are nice too...


Amy Musser said...

thanks for "posting" updates you typed at the time...what a great way to keep your secret but then let us experience what you were thinking at the time!

Sheelagh said...

Ahhh. So glad you posted these and that the cat is officially out of the bag. WHAT FUN!!!
I can commiserate on too much sugar and agree that some caffeine isn't so bad. I drink it now and then, and just try to keep it low. It's tough being the mom and the baby maker and the PA all at once. Keep up the good work!