Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 31 in the garden...

Yep, almost  June folks, and as I start to write this it is absolutely pouring outside. We do finally have something to show in the garden though, including some delicious crunchy peas! As you can see, the entire family are fans, especially Forrest...


We've also got beautiful heads of broccoli a week or two away from being ready to eat!

 Tons of lovely lettuce...
 And, how can you forget the splendiferous strawberries! They are quite the beauties this year...

My hubby has been tirelessly plugging away at the garden, today more carrots, beets, and lots of our summer favs started in the greenhouse, (melons!!!! mmmm). Yesterday I snuck away from babyland to get our onions and basil in.  Slowly our summer garden will snap into shape, here's hoping the weather will do the same!

And, because no post these days is complete without a pic of the wee one, with his daddy, snoozing...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

2 weeks old.....and still the mellow infant? A jumbled update...

Little Talin turned 2 weeks old yesterday! And up until yesterday he has been an amazingly quiet, mellow newborn. Everything with him has been peachy really. He weighed in at 7 lbs 15 1/2 oz surpassing his birth weight by a bit, and gaining more by this time than Forrest had. I was glad to hear this as I have not been capitalizing on his sleepiness, (as in getting more sleep myself,) and have been waking him up quite regularily during the day to be sure he remains fed. And...he still has his days and nights rather mixed up so I haven't really gotten longer than a 3 hour stretch of sleep in the last 2 weeks, though I can deal with the 3 hour stretches, it's when it's 1 and 2 hours, or last night, every 45 minutes that starts to make me a bit crazy.
Anyways, life had been pretty great for this little guy, breastfeeding is SO much easier the 2nd time around, and all my worries I had with Forrest didn't really exist with little Talin...!
 But, lo and behold, he "woke up" a bit in the last 24 hours. Maybe it's a fleeting growth spurt and I'll have my mellow 2nd child back, but I'm not betting on it. He's been a fussy guy today, eating and eating and eating. I'm obliging as this time around the breastfeeding is much easier on me and I know he's growing like a little weed. He loves to sleep on his parents, not a great fan of the swing yet as Forrest was, though does seem to like walks and falls fast asleep in his carrier. He is absolutely more wide eyed lately, and his eyes are still a deep blue, very beautiful!
 We, of course, lost the great Aunt Megan and Craig who must return to real life! We will miss them so much!

 Meanwhile we settle into our family of four and let Talin eat and eat and eat....and cuddle which he is super good at!
We'll try to keep updates coming though one handed typing is a bit cumbersome while feeding Talin. And if I'm not feeding Talin I'm chasing Forrest, changing endless nappies, sometimes all while feeding little baby T! And that sleep thing, I think it still happens a bit too ;-)
Big props to all the mama's out there with more than two kids, how the heck do you do it?????

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The BIG Brother...

My Forrest. 2 years and 2 months old. This big brother thing has come barreling down on him like a ton of bricks I'm sure. One minute he has his mom and dad all to himself, and the next there is a little being just about permanently attached to me.
Thankfully he has never taken out his frustrations on baby Talin. He remains so gently around the baby. His whole voice and demeanor changes around the baby as he strokes his head, and whispers "baybeeeeeee". :-) and kisses his furry little scalp.
However, in regards to his mama, he has been going through some tough times. I really am not supposed to be lifting him because of the c-section and for the first week I didn't...this was really getting to him and he noticed. All of the sudden I was not his primary care provider AND I couldn't lift him up when he needed something, and just a hug. He also started not letting anyone else in the house take care of him without a big fit. We've had plenty of help, and he loves Craig and Megan, but he wanted MAMA to do it. And then came the tears.
Simply a way to test me to see if I truly could still care for my little 2 year old and an infant.
This was tough. Especially on me and my emotional state. A fear I hear is pretty common when you go from 1 to 2 kids, or maybe add any number to you family is whether or not you are truly capable of the job.  And Forrest's tears, fits, acting out was pushing on that very question. Around day 8 I finally broke down and picked him up from the crib, (it felt fine, I wouldn't have done it if it hurt,) and he hung on to me so tight as if to say "oh Thank you mama, you are still here for me!" It was probably the biggest hug I've ever had from him.
It seems to have gotten a bit better since that point. Poor guy. He doesn't understand why I couldn't lift him up, and why I still shouldn't be lifting him. I tell him I have an "owie" but something isn't quite connecting when he says "up peeease". He still comes to me half the time to help him, even if there are spare hands around, but this is slowly improving too.
 I know we're going to take steps backwards soon, probably when Craig and Megan leave in a few days. Our household will resume its normal size, and my mama skills will truly be tested.
He will be without his normal daycare routine so it will be interesting to say the least.
For the most part though our big brother is rising to the task.
Some current Forrest factoids!
At 26 months he is.....getting ready to potty train! He now runs away when he poops or pees in his diaper so we know that he has enough control to know when its coming. And he STILL hates diaper changes, as do I even more so now that we have 2 kids in diapers. Everybody I talk to says to wait a while after the baby comes to start this process, so next month, potty training here we come!
he is also.....talking more and more. Sentences, some intelligible, most not, but he tries about everything and in the last month his vocabulary has exploded.
Favorite foods are apple juice, (any kind of juice really,) spaghetti, rice, strawberries (which we now have fresh in our garden...!), dressing (yes the kind on salad, sometimes the salad goes with it...), and broccoli.
His favorite toys, Thomas trains and movies, a hula hoop (as of yesterday after watching some hula hoopers at the farmer's market,) his wagon, play-doh, a little silver ball the size of a golf ball, (I have no idea where it even came from,) and his bear animals and going on bear hunts! (we've got several roaming the property this spring and he loves to go on walks, be VERY QUIET (quite amazing!), and see them!
Our little boy has grown before our eyes with Talin joining us. He seems to be bigger everyday next to our newborn. I'm sure this summer will be full of surprises!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Endless Gratitude....

 For these two people! We are lucky enough to have the amazing Aunt Megan and her boyfriend Craig here for another 6 days. I cannot tell you how much they have helped our little family go through the transition from 3 to 4. They cook, clean, do dishes, and have endless patience with Forrest and of course endless open arms for our new little Talin. It takes a post-partum hormonal mama to really tell you just HOW much they have helped! So much, in fact, I'd give my right leg for more time with them, (okay, so not really, couldn't chase after these two boys then...!)
Aunt Megan and Talin, first bath at home!

Craig on a "bear hunt" with Forrest

More bear hunts!

They have made this first week of Talin's life a very beautiful one! 7 days old already! More about our little guy later.....

Thank you thank you to Craig and Megan for your endless work in helping our family grow......

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Talin, 4 days old....

 Hi Everybody, my name is Talin, and 4 days ago I became a newborn. Just like that, not a fetus anymore! So far my life is pretty nice. My mama feeds me as much as I want to, and I spend the day sleeping away...much like the picture below.
I've already proven myself different from my older brother in my mellowness, though my parents keep telling me that they expect me to "wake up" anytime now. Other than the fact I have my days and nights mixed up, life is great! My older brother holds me once a day and always wants to be near me. I'm told when I get older we'll get to play all the time. Today I pooped my first breast milk poop, (mmmmmmm). It's all downhill from here!
Okay, see you all later!
Mr. Talin, Forrest's little brother.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Talin!

seconds old....:-)

Dad, trying to comfort the little guy, "It's bright out here....!!!" is what I think he's saying....

New addition to the family!

Talin and Auntie Megan....:-)

Talin, Grandma Gloria, and the boys....

Forrest, so excited to meet his new brother!

"Babyeee, mama?" He was a smiling kiddo.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Talin Gerald Fulton, born today at 335 pm via CSection. 7 lbs, 11 ounces and he is perfect! His cord was unfortunately wrapped around his neck preventing him from dropping and leading to the C Section. Katie made it to 7 cm dilated before the decision was made without any pain relief and ultimately everyone is so thankful for the way it turned out. He is truly perfect and Katir and Alex are in bliss holding their 2nd beautiful boy. Thankyou SO much to all friends and wonderful family for the good blessings!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Patiently Waiting....

with the contemplating Gargoyles.... 39+ weeks

with Forrest staring at awe at the size of his baby brother...

with Forrest taking a turn with the contemplative Gargoyles...

and with Megan, on our little walk/jog this evening, trying to get "something started" before going to the hospital tomorrow....

But, alas, all is pretty quiet in the Fulton household. After an awesome dinner, and some hurried last minute packing, and FINALLY, the final patient chart dictated so this PA doesn't have to worry, this mama's headed to bed. 
After all, I've got some work to do tomorrow :-)
I've got a lot on my mind, but mainly am contemplative like this gargoyle friend you see in the pictures about possibly entering the last hours of my pregnant body.
It has been a fine pregnancy indeed, one where my little wee boy seemed to cooperate with every long day, short run, and periods of exhaustion with nothing but growth and health. It has been amazing to be pregnant, but these last few days absolutely tell me the time has come for this little guy to come out. I feel extremely blessed to be able to take part in the miracle that is all too common, and maybe taken for granted as well.
So I thank my body, and my wee little boy, for giving me this opportunity. It has been an incredible journey, and we'll see how it all concludes in the next 2 days.
Regardless, I'm learning to enjoy the ride whatever it holds.
Thanks so much for the well wishes, we'll try to keep you all posted.

Monday, May 9, 2011

5/10/11, 5/11/11, or 5/12/11???

These three dates are out there.
One of them will be our little ones birthday.
I'm trying to avoid a C-Section and in doing so have to try to go into labor in a bit of a controlled setting. Because of where we live, VBAC's, (vaginal births after Cesarian's) are not routinely done. Granted they are completely safe in the right setting without certain risk factors and so far I'm lined up to be a good candidate for one. In a bigger city, in fact, they are encouraged.
I'm already 3 centimeters dilated, 80 % effaced, and he's dropped a bit as of my appointment this morning, so my body is trying to do this already. On Wednesday morning I will go in and my water will be broken if this has not happened on its own. And that should set off labor...
We're excited here, and in that weird state of trying to get things done, wanting to relax, and apprehensive about the next few days.
I'm having contractions already, they're weak as far as contractions go, but this possibly may happen without the need of my OB breaking my water. I'm all for that if so!
Regardless, the next Fulton baby will be here soon....woohoooooo!!!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dear Mom,

Dear Mom,
Happy Mother's Day! Here is an updated blooming belly picture for you... within a week from my due date! Your grandsons are both doing well, and so is their mama, thanks to you! You have a goodie box coming soon, and I'm so sorry it will probably be late :-(. You can rest assured your second grand-baby's room is FINALLY ready! (I know you were starting to think it would never happen....:-)
I hope you have a WONDERFUL day as goodness knows you deserve it. We are busier than ever before here preparing for the new arrival and your name comes up between us all more than you know. As we clean, fold, wash, move furniture, and, finally, put our feet up Megan and I know you would love to be with us working away, being the wonderful mom you are and always will be!
Lots of love to you on your day,
P.S. Forrest couldn't help but add a few things....
PPS - Hope you're eating your favorite, lox and bagels this morning!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

A baby "sprinkle"

a little gaming going on with wine as the prize!

 A week ago I was lucky enough to have a nice night out with friends for some delish teppanyaki and good baby vibes. My sister helped with the details, and the theme of the night was simple, HAVE FUN! No gifts, (though not all followed that rule!) and if you felt like sharing frozen meals and desserts we were happy to have the help stocking up our freezer, (mmm mmm, strawberry pie, frozen lasagna, frozen pizza's....:-)

Our cute little "sprinkle" favors filled with deluxe M&M's  and truffles :-)

 The night was filled with awesome food, good friends, and a great time. Megan and I finished the night off with a monster frozen yogurt, (actually was for the boys at home despite the look of the huge pregnant lady that is about to devour it....we split a smaller one, really, I swear ;-)
Thanks SO much Megan for all your help and thank you to everyone for helping to celebrate my little boy #2!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mother's Day sounds like a great day to have a baby....

"What are you planning for Mother's Day" is the question of the week.
"Having a a baby" is my answer :-)
The cankles are back in force, the last day of scheduled patients is tomorrow, this baby boy had an ultrasound which shows he's as healthy as can be, 7 lbs, 11 oz, and this body is starting to revolt. I'm 2-3 cm dilated and 60 % effaced, though have been that way for a week now, and I absolutely feel the change.
Now, granted, work has been INSANE.
No cutting back, easy, carefree days here. I would have loved that, but it can't always be planned. There are times when I'd rather cut off my right leg than drag it around with me for the day, though the patients I'm trying to treat, make better, improve seem to always be in a worse way than myself.
And there are times I want to snap instead of smile brightly at the 50th person I've seen at the hospital that mutters the words, "You''re still here?" "Is that safe" or "Why don't you go home and put your feet up?" and then in the same breath asks me for orders on 3 pateints at once that desperately need something NOW, or tell me someone is bleeding and needs an extra stitch, or that so and so's family needs a conversation on how we are going to save their leg, their brain, or their life.
And then I catch myself and know that all is okay. After all, it is a hospital. There is never ending need in the hospital, and until I remove myself from the situation, it will follow me. I am still healthy, baby is still well and growing, putting the finishing touches on his big brain, (yep, another big headed Fulton baby according to ultrasound...woopeee!!!), and if there was a medical need, I would have been done with work weeks ago. Afterall, my pain is because soon there will be another life on this planet, a healthy beautiful life, where most of my "work" doesn't have near the beautifiul outcome that I will  have in maybe a matter of days.
One of the floors of the hospital where I spend a lot of time rounding currently has 5 nurses pregnant, and myself. We are all about 6 weeks apart, so when we all happen to pass each other in the hall, and see the different sizes of bellys working away it is an amazing reminder of how awesome our bodies can be to grow these little beings and function well enough to work, care for others, and be active and  HAPPY with what we're doing while growing human beings!
Moms are quite amazing creatures, my own mom having THREE of us girls is quite an amazing woman, my grandmother having FIVE boys was especially amazing, and having another little one on Mother's day sounds like a grand plan for me.
(for multiple reasons....cankles included!)
So, I'll take it. Leave the flowers at home, I'll take the breakfast in bed later. Having a baby sounds much better :-)