Sunday, May 15, 2011

Talin, 4 days old....

 Hi Everybody, my name is Talin, and 4 days ago I became a newborn. Just like that, not a fetus anymore! So far my life is pretty nice. My mama feeds me as much as I want to, and I spend the day sleeping away...much like the picture below.
I've already proven myself different from my older brother in my mellowness, though my parents keep telling me that they expect me to "wake up" anytime now. Other than the fact I have my days and nights mixed up, life is great! My older brother holds me once a day and always wants to be near me. I'm told when I get older we'll get to play all the time. Today I pooped my first breast milk poop, (mmmmmmm). It's all downhill from here!
Okay, see you all later!
Mr. Talin, Forrest's little brother.

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Sheelagh said...

4 days! So much happens in so little time. And the days fly by and these little boys slowly become who they are meant to be. I am so excited to find out who our babies are going to grow into. I LOVE reading about your little boys and your sweet life. I am gushing with happiness for you. I hope he remains an easy going, sleepy new born for you after "waking up".