Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dear Mom,

Dear Mom,
Happy Mother's Day! Here is an updated blooming belly picture for you... within a week from my due date! Your grandsons are both doing well, and so is their mama, thanks to you! You have a goodie box coming soon, and I'm so sorry it will probably be late :-(. You can rest assured your second grand-baby's room is FINALLY ready! (I know you were starting to think it would never happen....:-)
I hope you have a WONDERFUL day as goodness knows you deserve it. We are busier than ever before here preparing for the new arrival and your name comes up between us all more than you know. As we clean, fold, wash, move furniture, and, finally, put our feet up Megan and I know you would love to be with us working away, being the wonderful mom you are and always will be!
Lots of love to you on your day,
P.S. Forrest couldn't help but add a few things....
PPS - Hope you're eating your favorite, lox and bagels this morning!

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Sheelagh said...

I told you I'm stalking you!

Great pic of your lovely baby belly #2. You look great and very happy too! I also love the picture of spastic Forest! What a great capture of his little boy energy and 2 year old spirit.

Happy Mother's Day to you! Glad to hear you got the baby's room ready and are getting nested all around. Sisters are a wonderful extension of our mother's love....they were taught by the best and are our best supporters (next to our actual moms that is). I don't even know Megan, but I love her for all she does to lift you up...what a wonderful sister you have!!