Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's a Girl!

So I usually don't post about work. Well, okay, so I do, but not many specifics. There is always a lot of drama, life, death, and so on and so forth. But for the most part I try to keep work at work and move on to my home life in this blog.
Until today.
Or, more correctly, until just 2 hours ago.
This particular patient I cannot help but write about as her story is amazing in so many ways, many of which are NOT so special.
Tonight I had stopped at a hospital in our community to see a surgical patient we were covering. This was on my way home after my day of surgery at the larger hospital. All was fine and dandy and I decided to say hi to my PA friend who works in the ER. We were chatting, and there was a bunch of screaming, moaning, tears, and drama coming from a few feet away in the ER admitting/triage room. My PA friend made a joke about if I would like to deliver a baby as it sounded like this woman was in labor from the sounds of things, but actually she was probably having another issue and dealing with drug withdraws or something of the sort. For it even sounded way above and beyond what a laboring woman might sound like.
So our conversation continued when suddenly, more racket, and the secretary comes running, yelling to us to grab bulb suction as there is a newborn baby laying on the floor.
Yes, on the ER floor.
This particular woman just had a baby on the ER floor and had not even known she had been pregnant, not an inkling....
I thought this only happened in random medical textbooks or on T.V.?
Evidently not.
We scooped the newborn up, eventually got suction, and she started to give a weak cry. I bundled her and eventually OB came with the warmer.
Welcome to the world baby girl...I sure hope for your sake it gets a heck of a lot better than being face planted on the ER floor at your birth...
This is just so amazingly crazy for so many reasons. First off, what reality must this mother be living in for this to happen...or what must she be taking? Having just been pregnant, I know first hand how it seemingly, especially at the end, seems to take over your entire body. Your belly dances literally all day and night.
And apparently she had been pregnant before?
Regardless, that is my "Wow, are you kidding me..." moment of the month. Heck, of the year!
And I truly hope, as I said before, that the little newborn baby girl gets off on a better foot than she started on.


Roundy Clan said...

Have you ever watched the show on Discovery health....or maybe it's TLC....Called I didn't know I was pregnant? I tivo it! haha It apparently happens more then we think but how amazing for you to actually be there for it!

Fultmeyer Clan said...

Just found out that unfortunately both mom and babe tested positive for meth. Explains things in my mind a bit more. So sad.....