Sunday, February 21, 2010

11 month Forrest...

Forrest at 11 months is quite a character. He's a babbler, still nothing too discernable other than mama and dada and maybe a hello here or there. He has a little personality on him that is awesome! He's walking everywhere now, and has a little foot stomp he often does when he's happy, wants to dance, or he just feelis the baby vibe. He's now putting EVERYTHING into his mouth, cheerios, tortilla, bannana, avocado, you name it. And along with that comes dirt, acorns, more dirt, grass, pine needles, rocks...welcome to toddlerhood 101 parents!

Breastfeeding is coming to an end for us. By 12 months he'll be fully weaned, or rather I'll have fully run out of milk. I'm happy that I *almost* made it to my goal of 1 year. Pumping at the office and in the hospital just got too hard, or rather I just got lazy about it. So these last few weeks are full of formula for Forrest, and luckily he's got a big appetitie for food as well as formula, so he doesn't seem to mind the missing mom milk.

His favorite place is clearily outside. We still walk him, with the carrier or the BOB stroller, but as long as it's not nap time, he wants to be walking on his own two feet, tromping around, exploring all the ranch has to offer. Rain or no rain. He actually loves the wet stuff and we have a tough time keeping him out of the puddles he seems to gravitate to. He'll spot one 30 yards a way and make a beeline for it and stomp around. Lots of wet feet around here! Luckily a good deal on some rain pants at REI have kept his legs semi dry.
Unfortunately his mobility comes at a price, which is usually taken with his head. This kid bonks his head several times a day. I want to put a helmet on him to protect that big brain, but haven't yet gone that far. I have a feeling this is just the beginning. Yesterday he even got his first bloody nose....:-(

But overall Forrest is quite the healthy, (as his first cold with ear infection is a thing of the past,) and happy baby. He's doing wonderful with daycare 2 days a week, loves his new little friends, and is always exhausted after those days. I really truly can't believe he will be one in 3 short weeks.
I have almost been a mom for 1 year! Holy Moly!


Ashley said...

Good Job Katie, Looks like he is doing great! Good job bfing for this long! I have the same goal -1 yr!
I just with my girl would sleep better at night!!

Courtney said...

He looks like such a big boy! :)

Sheelagh said...

Holy Moly indeed! I can't believe that one year ago we were both waddling around with these big boys in our tummies. Oh how quickly it passes. Some minutes of it seem so so long past and others are right in my memory, so vivid that it seems like yesterday! What a year can bring! I LOVE LOVE LOVE keeping up with you guys here. Forest is such a character and we can't wait to meet him.