Saturday, February 13, 2010

The New River....

is a beautiful place...
...even more beautiful on this fair weather, February, "we need an escape," type of Saturday.
So we packed up the baby, the lunch, and ourselves and onward we hiked.
We did not see ONE soul on this journey...perfect solitude. AND, Alex let me drive, so I didn't puke my car-sick prone guts out on the windy drive...I tell you, a perfect Saturday already.
Forrest was a babbling baby on our back, toddling around when we gave him the chance, loving every second, and trying all the different varieties of rocks and sand, with a few sticks thrown in for dessert. All went straight for his mouth.
Forrest and his stinky face...

My fishy husband was lusting over the amazing river, beautiful trail, and the surprise of spotting several spawning steelhead as we hiked.
And for me...I was just enjoying being OUT. Out of work, out of the home, out in the sunshine, in the fresh air, and walking with my baby on my back with my husband at my side.
True therapy.
"Hi dad, want some sand in your eyes?!"

High Five!

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Sheelagh said...

Have I told you that I LOVE your family?!?! Have I told you that I LOVE your land and your river and your Forest? I do!