Friday, March 25, 2011

Taking a step up at 33 weeks pregnant...

This week has been an interesting one to say the least. I think the fact that I will soon be a mama to two boys is starting to catch up to me. It might be the ever growing belly which is currently seemingly HUGE. It also could be the rain and snow that never seem to end. I also have that wonderful shortness of breath starting. As I go from patient room to patient room in my job I've been asked more than once this week if I'm okay as I seem out of breath...I remember this from the Forrest preggo days, and know I should probably just slow down and take some time to BREATHE!

This week has also been interesting as my job has very suddenly changed on me, in a matter of 24 hours. A possible loan repayment option with my employer has been on the back burner for 6 months now and suddenly, over night, it has happened. This is actually wonderful news. My school loans are HUGE, and I often wonder when the day will come when they are just HALF paid off. Fully paid off seems too far in the future. I now have a very large sum of $$ supposedly allotted towards the loans every year in exchange for a bit more work and stress in my life. I should be feeling blessed that I have been choosen to have this occur when I am in this state, huge, growing a baby, and about to take some time off after the baby comes. Currently though I'm just feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Granted I have known that this was probably going to happen, but never though it would actually START so suddenly, in my 8th month of pregnancy, just when I'm feeling that I should probably cut back and allow myself to, well, grow a baby I guess.  It's not so much that it is more hours, more just like a big increase in job responsibility, and more hospital time, which corresponds to more stress. Again, this overall is a wonderful thing, money always is, and I will ultimately be providing better patient care. But the timing is a bit awkward.

I'm using this weekend to get used to it. I have three days off to breathe a bit, get some sleep, and charge into next week where my 33 week pregnancy will turn into 34. I guess it's kind of like changing jobs overnight. Though that's an exaggeration as I still work for the same employer and about 60% of my job is the same, the other 40% now just took a step up.

Kind of elusive in the description I know. Just needed to spread the word and vent a bit. A good weekend at home cures all woes....

Saturday, March 19, 2011

You know it's time for winter to end when...

 1) You're 32 weeks pregnant and you can baaaarrrley zip up your good down jacket....(we had SNOW this morning peeps! March 19th!) Granted you have a couple of layers on beneath the jacket but STILL, you decide it is now officially time for spring warmth to return!
 2) Your kid is running a 101 temp, has a snotty nose and a cough and you still let them go outside and hammer nails with Dad cause cabin fever has set in hard! (don't look too hard below his nose, yes that's probably snot...)
 3) okay this is just another cute kid pic, hammering away, not really another reason for winter to end....
 4) AND another cute kid and Dad father like son! Except father has enough sense to wear a beanie, and son obviously has NOT.
5) And yes, not only do you let him go outside in the frigid temps, you let him slosh around in the huge mud puddles that now look like lakes in your front yard. (Granted, we have a pretty good rain boot/rain pants/velcro system where, believe it or not, he stays dry as can be. I wouldn't have believed it myself if I hadn't had taken his boots off and felt his dry socks with my own hands....)

6)You find yourself trapped inside your rather small house with a gallon pot of pea soup that is oh so healthy and good for your sickly family, (thanks to your mother in law,) but also oh so, ummm, gas producing. Especially with a pregnant mama, a papa with a fast metabolism, and a little boy who just love to fart in  general....uggh, someone crack a window....

7) You realize you've made "smoothie treats"(as known by Forrest,) out of the usual frozen fruit, etc EVERY weekend for the last month possibly as a subconscious effort to make the rain STOP. Somehow frozen smoothies when your high is 37 degrees is just not the same.

8)You find yourself looking longingly at the cheap Mexico vacations being advertised on your spam and lust over the sun loving couple in bathing suits despite your current whale like proportions at 8 months pregnant. 8 months pregnant in a bathing suit WOULD be worth the sun you decide....

9) Your entire family has had a steady string of winter bugs, and you currently have a voice that sounds somewhere in between Oscar the Grouch and a pre-pubescent boy. Your medical mind is suddenly convinced that YES rain does cause sickness and that Mexican HOT vacation is just what the doctor ordered...

10)You go through all the above thoughts and decide to take a look at the forecast, hoping for SOME glimmer of sunshine, and you see.......

NWS Eureka, CA
 Point Forecast: Willow Creek CA
 40.94°N 123.62°W (Elev. 600 ft)
Mobile Weather Information | En EspaƱol
Last Update: 2:44 pm PDT Mar 19, 2011
Forecast Valid: 10pm PDT Mar 19, 2011-6pm PDT Mar 26, 2011

Forecast at a Glance
Rain Chance for Measurable Precipitation 100%

Lo 36 °F
Rain Chance for Measurable Precipitation 80%

Hi 45 °F

Showers Likely Chance for Measurable Precipitation 70%
Lo 35 °F
Showers Likely Chance for Measurable Precipitation 60%
Hi 50 °F

Chance Showers Chance for Measurable Precipitation 40%
Lo 38 °F
Chance Showers Chance for Measurable Precipitation 40%
Hi 53 °F

Rain Likely Chance for Measurable Precipitation 60%
Lo 40 °F


Hi 52 °F

Rain Likely
Lo 42 °F

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The big two year old bash....

...was a rainy one indeed. But much fun was had as we celebrated the 730 days Forrest had been on this earth. We had a great turn out for the weather, and everybody was well dressed for the occasion, (in other words, leave the party dresses at home and bring your rain boots!)
It was a great event, and we all slept well that night...;-)

Forrest's Granny and Gramps showed up for the big day, and their help and great spirits made the party...
Party favors for the wee guests....

The few seconds Forrest would wear his party hat....:-)

 Plenty of BBQ'd salmon for everyone!

Plenty of sugary treats decorated for the occasion...

Forrest taking in the singing of "Happy Birthday". I think at this moment he realized all these people were here just for him!

Trying to master that blowing out the candle dealio...

Happy Birthday little boy! (He was a fan of the animal sugar cupcake toppers....)

The family turkeys watch in earnest at the present opening...

The littlest girlie party goer enjoys her food...

The adult Turkeys stay warm with the good beer and food...!

And the younger turkeys enjoy their blueberries and goldfishies....

Thanks to EVERYONE who was able to make it to our rainy day ranch party!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Forrest G. Fulton, 2 years old!

 Yep, this little boy has made it to the big TWO. Officially toddie status now, as he races around, playing with his cars, messing around in the sink, hooking up his trains, and coercing his parents into being his own personal jungle gym. Forrest is full of energy, and full of spunk. He has his favorite things, ("deedoo's"aka cookies, "moovies"aka Sesame Street, Thomas, or Planet Earth Series if his parents have any input at all, endless huge puddle walks, giving the dogs "teets"aka dog treats, and his new favorite, ballons and swatting them at whomever will play!)
 And he also has his dislikes, the usual diaper changes, (potty training can't come quick enough in this household,) waking up from naps, having his hands be cold or dirty beyond his liking, and putting on his jacket. Forget about the hat or beanie, just doesn't happen. This is just on top of the usual minute to minute attention span that is forever changing. You've just got to go with the flow with this kid!
We really can't believe this kiddo is already two whole years old. Two years ago he was just a little 7+ pound newborn and now look at him! How quickly these babies of ours grow up. I'm not sad at his "growing up," possibly because we're going to have another little newborn in our household soon enough, more just amazed that we all go through this amazing period of growth and change in just two short years....
We love you little Forrest!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

It's a party!!!

This little guy is turning Two!!!
Our household is in full fledged party planning, with all Grandparents visiting for the big event. And, it's supposed to POUR. What better fun than having 20 adults and 1-4 year olds over for a BBQ in the rain!
But, we perservere in this household. Plans are in force for outdoor and indoor fun with 2 woodstoves and plenty of good food, sugar, and of course....BEER, (gotta keep warm somehow!)
And don't forget the mere jubiliation of celebrating the 2 years of life Forrest has brought to us!
Wish us luck!
(Pictures of the last days of Forrest as a 1 year old to follow...)

Scaling small mountains with mama and little bro in tow
Reading with Granny
Finding mud puddles upon mud puddles with Grandpa!
Adventuring with mama...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

How we roll after the rain...

Forrest and his wild mane of hair...never been cut! Not for long...
This little boy needs his exercise, and also wants to do what HE wants to do. So we've learned to
A) Pick our battles
B) Get him OUTSIDE when it is at least above 20 degrees and not absolutely dumping a waterfall.

Thus, when our tromp runs into puddles the size of small ponds and Mom seems to have forgotten the rainboots, (but remembered the camera, juice, and snacks thank you very much...) the following happens...

This equals some very soaked shoes, socks, pants.
And one VERY happy and tuckered out Mr. F
Remember, pick your battles. Pond sized puddles are actually a very good thing....


Garden starts free of mice carnage!
lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, swiss chard, etc.

Turkeys growing
Daffodils blooming (first one peeked through today...)

Forrest loving the "gree hou...." aka green house
 Spring is finally showing itself here at home. Despite some pretty solid rain, (as in nearly 2 days straight yesterday and the day before...) the warmth of the sun, the length of the days, and the greenery and flowers all point to SPRING. Finally!!!

30 weeks...

...10 (+/-) to go???
2 years ago I was anxiously awaiting little Forrest's arrival, as he was already a few days late at that point and little did I know I had over a week to go! Now with Fultmeyer baby #2 I've entered into the 30's...that point in pregnancy where you get bigger, and BIGGER, and just when you think your belly can't expand no more, oh it does.
The last weeks have been tough, namely on the work front. Thankfully things slow down a bit from here on out and instead of taking on just one full time job + extra shifts at the ER, the ER job is going by the wayside for the time being. It was great while it lasted, extra money always is. But when the work weeks are separated by NO days off and you start questioning your ability to do the job due to burn out, it's a sign just to say NO!
Little boy #2 still doesn't have an official name, though there is at least one or two being thrown around. He is supposedly 3+ lbs, and just last week we passed our glucose tolerance test with no issues other than some grumpiness at having to fast for the hour + drive into work/the lab.
My appetite is off the charts for the most part, but I'm still staying active and manage to lumber through my 3 mile jogs a few times a week somehow...(it ain't pretty, but still feels good!) So all is good here in baby growing land...75% of the way DONE !