Sunday, March 6, 2011

30 weeks...

...10 (+/-) to go???
2 years ago I was anxiously awaiting little Forrest's arrival, as he was already a few days late at that point and little did I know I had over a week to go! Now with Fultmeyer baby #2 I've entered into the 30's...that point in pregnancy where you get bigger, and BIGGER, and just when you think your belly can't expand no more, oh it does.
The last weeks have been tough, namely on the work front. Thankfully things slow down a bit from here on out and instead of taking on just one full time job + extra shifts at the ER, the ER job is going by the wayside for the time being. It was great while it lasted, extra money always is. But when the work weeks are separated by NO days off and you start questioning your ability to do the job due to burn out, it's a sign just to say NO!
Little boy #2 still doesn't have an official name, though there is at least one or two being thrown around. He is supposedly 3+ lbs, and just last week we passed our glucose tolerance test with no issues other than some grumpiness at having to fast for the hour + drive into work/the lab.
My appetite is off the charts for the most part, but I'm still staying active and manage to lumber through my 3 mile jogs a few times a week somehow...(it ain't pretty, but still feels good!) So all is good here in baby growing land...75% of the way DONE !

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Sheelagh said...

You look so tiny from here! But I know how you can look one way and feel a lot bigger than others think!
You look great! I'm glad to hear you're feeling good too and that you are still running! WOW! Go girl!!