Friday, March 25, 2011

Taking a step up at 33 weeks pregnant...

This week has been an interesting one to say the least. I think the fact that I will soon be a mama to two boys is starting to catch up to me. It might be the ever growing belly which is currently seemingly HUGE. It also could be the rain and snow that never seem to end. I also have that wonderful shortness of breath starting. As I go from patient room to patient room in my job I've been asked more than once this week if I'm okay as I seem out of breath...I remember this from the Forrest preggo days, and know I should probably just slow down and take some time to BREATHE!

This week has also been interesting as my job has very suddenly changed on me, in a matter of 24 hours. A possible loan repayment option with my employer has been on the back burner for 6 months now and suddenly, over night, it has happened. This is actually wonderful news. My school loans are HUGE, and I often wonder when the day will come when they are just HALF paid off. Fully paid off seems too far in the future. I now have a very large sum of $$ supposedly allotted towards the loans every year in exchange for a bit more work and stress in my life. I should be feeling blessed that I have been choosen to have this occur when I am in this state, huge, growing a baby, and about to take some time off after the baby comes. Currently though I'm just feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Granted I have known that this was probably going to happen, but never though it would actually START so suddenly, in my 8th month of pregnancy, just when I'm feeling that I should probably cut back and allow myself to, well, grow a baby I guess.  It's not so much that it is more hours, more just like a big increase in job responsibility, and more hospital time, which corresponds to more stress. Again, this overall is a wonderful thing, money always is, and I will ultimately be providing better patient care. But the timing is a bit awkward.

I'm using this weekend to get used to it. I have three days off to breathe a bit, get some sleep, and charge into next week where my 33 week pregnancy will turn into 34. I guess it's kind of like changing jobs overnight. Though that's an exaggeration as I still work for the same employer and about 60% of my job is the same, the other 40% now just took a step up.

Kind of elusive in the description I know. Just needed to spread the word and vent a bit. A good weekend at home cures all woes....


Roundy Clan said...

YOu are wonder woman! At 33 or 34 weeks with my second pregnancy, I was sitting on my butt watching TV with my first. haha I guess that is also why I gained so much weight. Technicalities. :)

Sheelagh said...

Katie, if anyone can do it, you can! BUT I can also understand where you are coming from (the desire to rest up some and get ready, and not want to take on too much). By that time in my pregnancy I was cutting back my nannying hours, which went from one day every other week, to nothing. So obviously, I am out of touch in the working arena, but I know how amazing you are and can imagine that this will somehow work out for the best.
I wish you many blessings, but mostly more energy and the ability to SLOW down, at least in your walking from room to room! hahaha
You are AMAZING!!!