Sunday, April 3, 2011

34 weeks...

 ...And feeling rather huge! Baby boy #2 has put on a lot of weight, I feel, in the last month as his exit day nears.  As you see he has just about filled me up. It's very exciting to say that he is due NEXT MONTH!!!It is also hard to believe I'm going to fit another few pounds of baby in my belly, despite the fact I've been through this before and Forrest himself was just shy of 8 lbs.
My body is revolting a bit more, nothing serious, just this sciatica that we're working on. I get a great (though short,) massage every week and last week she worked pretty hard on my leaving me more sore for the following 2 days than I care to be. I'm still deciding if that was therapeutic or not...It does feel good to get the massage though even if it's localized to the spot where you're hurting the most. And as many know, being pregnant causes multiple aches and pains. It might be nice to splurge on the whole body once before this is done!
I'm feeling well though overall. Our household for the time being is over the sickness that got us all a few weeks ago. The sun is shining a wee bit more these days as witnessed by these pictures, and we're all trying to enjoy some more outdoor time lately.
On the baby stat front, he's pushing 5 lbs this week, likely to gain another 1/2 a lb. a week from here on out! He's a mover, at times, primarily when I slow down. I feel like he's trying to wiggle his way out already. He's already head down which is a great thing, and I really don't think he has enough room to sumersault at this point though I've heard differently.
I skipped my run this week, will do a run/walk tomorrow, but I think for now my running days are behind me for awhile.

And the following picture is a bit of bliss I got to experience as Forrest splashed away in the puddles.....
Pretty dang nice if you ask me...:-)


Amy Musser said...

You are so close!!!! I am so excited for you, Alex, and Forest.

Sheelagh said...

Oh boy!! I'm excited too. You really are getting close. You look great! I love your belly bump!!!
And so so so happy to see that you have some sunshine out there! Looks like you and Forest both enjoyed that a lot!!
So sorry you are having trouble with your back. I had the same issues and know all too well what you are talking about with too hard of a massage. I hope you get a full body one soon to make up for that one!

Alison Willis said...

Katie- it is the home stretch now! I am amazed how fast time has flown.. i imagine with your little quy running around that time is moving quick for you too... In the same breath i know that now is when every day feels like it takes twice as long- the nights take forever because you wake up so often...
and you are just so ready to have this baby!!!

Hang in there!!!