Saturday, April 16, 2011

This is kid is due in less than a month....

4 weeks, to be exact.
And, yes, I know, he could come later, he could also come earlier, like SOON.
Am I ready.
Are we ready, as a family?
Do we have a 
room?-name?-childcareforForrestonthebigday(s)-timeofftorelax(what's that?)-preregistrationathospitalcomplete-freezerwellstocked-newbornclotheswashed-newbornclothesevenUNPACKED???-hospitalbag ready(yeah right,)-nestingcomplete?(or even started...)
Well we've got at least two of those thought out, one done...and, that's it folks.
Yep, lots to do.
And this BIG, now 9 months preggo mama, is still working hard. At work that is, as in the paying job.
Looking forward to checking off items on this list.
And hoping that we don't have an early baby this time....
(though looking at the size of my belly, wondering about the possibility of this!)
For now, enjoy the new blog picture, it was taken on Monday. We're having fun here on this rainy spring Ranch, even if we are still a bit unprepared....
Wish us luck!


Jonna said...

Good Luck! I'm so excited for you!

Ashley said...

Super cute new family pic!