Saturday, January 18, 2014

Alex in 2014 fully in a fish frenzy if I ever saw one.... currently awaiting THIS coveted water vehicle so he can chase after the prize in previously untouched waters...
...has recently healed from his first good laceration that required his wifey's suturing skills. Enjoyed the week without dish duty, and somehow still managed some fishing in that week as well, (as you see from the above picture...because fishing in river water/fish slime/etc is much more hygenic than you know...;-)
...have to add that he managed to also cut another few cords of wood, deliver a few more cords, all with stitches in his hand, (in his defense...)
...currently loves hard cider, Breaking Bad, and, of course, fishing every spare second he can manage....
...currently feels angst about crazy little boy energy, the lack of rain this winter (summer fires, water issues, fishery downward spiral?), and how he's going to get any work done around here with a record number of beautiful steelhead in the river currently...
I love you honey! Forever and ever....(PS---fishing trips for you = bike rides for me, right???)

Monday, January 6, 2014

Talin in 2014...

Will be THREE in May :-)
Is a lover boy at his best...until his brother gets involved...or his parents won't give him his 'nacks...then it's "GO 'WAY MAMA! 'EEVE ME 'LONE!!!!!" stomping, hands on hips, it's really a crack up actually.
Won't shut up (no better way to say this...)
His talking is EXPLODING! (okay, I guess there was a better way to say it;-)
Still loves his pacificier....won't consider sending it to other new babies so tough love is coming soon folks...
Is a complete polar opposite of Forrest in some ways...but in crazy little boy energy they are a good match!
Is FINALLY sleeping better at night, and later! As in just started getting better this last month. Wowzers little Talin that took awhile! And you slept in till 745 yesterday! Amazing!
Is the LOVE of his daycare. The absolute favorite. Or so they tell me. Which is very nice to hear.
Is a super picky eater at the moment.
His hugs can melt me. "I wuv you SO much Ma!"
Loves big kid Legos but is no where developmentally near ready for them. Destructo mode is T-man at the moment!
Loves jackets and being bundled up outside, (who woooda thought!!!???)
Doesn't quite have the patience or attention span for books or movies...very different that Forrest.
Hasn't even started potty training yet...maybe this summer? (Or this should be the PARENTS are not into potty training yet, summer with warm days here we come!)
Is doing quite well in his two days a week of pre-school with big brother...until they start body slamming each other, then it's not so great, (with Talin sometime the instigator in a big way I hear...uhh ohhh)
Has yet to have, or really need, a hair cut...EVER! Awww, little infant hair still on his head?(oh yea, he was a bald one wasn't he!)
And the thing that is for certain, he is a sweet, humorous, 2 1/2 year old that I feel SO incredibly lucky to call my son. We love you Talin!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Forrest in 2014...

Will be 5.....(WHAT, when did that happen!!!)
Is still a firecracker;
Is a smart smart cookie who impresses his parents daily;
Can beat his parents in his Memory and matching game hands down, (I swear folks, crazy memory on this kid!) and can be quite obsessive about it as well, ("I'll trade you 4 matching games for a 20 minute walk outside....)
Is driving his parents crazy over his Winter Break....(ooooh boy Pre-School can't restart soon enough!)
Is quickly teaching his parents through indirect means, (can we say agression, fits, hyperactive running around the house 20 times in two minutes?) that we MUST keep this kid busy.
Loves, loves, LOVES his Legos
Is so, so SO frustrated by his Legos and his little brother constantly dismantling them
Is obsessed with his little not the greatest way, (luckly little brother is a tough cookie and a smart one at that but the honeymoon period in brotherdom is OVER.....)
Is so physically talented...frisbee, catch, in the water, out of the water, jog two miles with Mom, hike 4 miles with name it, he can do it----IF it's his OWN idea!
Still hates clothes...(which, makes the Winter very hard yet again this year)
Is an awesome eater....and a healthy one at that. Eats his salad every night like a champ, though admittedly his "favorite noodles" are top-a-ramen and he's definitely got a thing for hot dogs...
Is a lover, not a fighter....until he's a fighter...then he's got to sleep...we think....

and we're still figuring him out! But the hands down best thing is that life will never be boring with this kid. ANNND he starts Kindergarten in 8 short months....whattttttt!