Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!---Happy Steelhead fishing!---Lego Initiation!!!!!!

Boy oh boy was Christmas day busy for the Fulton family. Well of course with boys aged 2 1/2 and 4 1/2 anyone would expect such things!
This is what Alex and I did a LOT of today.....

The whole shebang ALLL SET UP!!! You won't see it like this again folks! 1 split second after this photo the red house on fire was in shambles and the helicopter was in pieces with parental sweet mutterings being not so sweet. Bed time here we come.....

As well as watching little boys play in new costumes from Santa such as THESE.....
Darth Vader minus his mask and The Incredible Hulk....Santa's addition of the light saber for both boys made it!

And listening to a TON of "Ohhhh my Gosh MOM!!! This is SO COOOL!!!!!I can't believe Santa brought me THIS!!!!" (Forrest's exact words when he saw the new Lego table Santa had brought him piled with presents...)
Christmas is truly magical isn't it!
Talin enjoying some early morning time with Santa Gifts before Forrest woke up. New Lego table and a new rocking chair from Grandma Gloria....oh boy!

Look at all the presents from Santa....!!!!
I think we made it this year a bit longer before the "too much Christmas" syndrome hit too. We let Forrest go without a nap and by the end of the day he was a regular crab apple to put it mildly. We were threatening Santa coming to take is toys away to a more deserving boy when he came around...just enough to entice us to building yet another part of his super duper addicting Coast Guard Lego set, (addicting not only for Forrest, but to Alex and I as well...)as this is our first initiantion to the BIG KID Lego sets and oh boy. We were expecting parent involvement, but we wern't expecting the fact we would actually LIKE building the different contraptions! The boys, or at least Forrest, give us space when we're working through the instruction booklet, and for the most part as long as you keep all the pieces in order, it is a very rewarding practice to build, say, a COMPLETE COAST GUARD BOAT FROM BOTTOM UP AMONGST OTHER THINGS!!!....on Christmas Day :-)
And much more stimulating for the mind too. A glass of wine helps I might add....
Talin on the other hand is WAY TOO YOUNG...yes I repeat, too young, for these Legos. He likes destructing rather than building. Age appropriate. I...errrrr....Santa had thought that getting the boys very similar presents this year was the way to go. Now, I'm not changing my mind, but after hearing Dad's near swear words for the 23rd time after Talin brings his broken Fire Truck for "...eellllp Dada???!!!" I do wonder!
Despite that all, we are a very blessed family indeed. Our boys are healthy smart young humans with spunk, smiles, and spirits that carry the full wonder of Christmas. I love it!
And this Dad...
.... as well, is quite the happy camper landing his 10th adult steelhead for the week within walking distance from our home today, amongst light saber playing little boys with a Mama who was running around like a wild banchee acting as the "Bad Guy" partly to keep warm in the 38 degree weather, (we aren't in So. Cal any more Dorthy!!!!!) and well, partly just because it was a fun thing to do Christmas morning!

Merry Christmas Friends!!!!!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


SHHHH, don't tell, we're flying down to visit Granny and Grandpa for a surprise pre-Christmas visit!

Lots of entertainment on the plane with new glow in the dark bugs!

...and new SAND from Brookstone. Cool stuff!

Lots of Christmas cookie making!

Stained glass window cookies with Granny!

Wow Aunt Megan, which cookie can I have next?

All set to go in the oven!

Grandpa had about 2...I mean 4...I mean 10 cookies!!!

Morning hot cocoa with Granny

Holiday cookie making cocktail for the sisters

Kiddie cocktail for Forrest
What a fun visit! Arrived home at 2am last night just in time for Christmas Eve and Day with our little famiy in the woods. But oh boy were the Grandparents surprised. Forrest had a blast, and Aunt Megan helped with our plan by doing the airport pick up and drop off. Talin and Dad stayed home this quick trip and made the best of it with some fishy fun, (of course!!!) We got a chance to meet two little 6 week and 3 month old cousins (Little Landon and Levi are so adorable!), attend a two year old party, and soak up some S. Cal mid 70 degree temps with a run and bike ride (warmed up these chilly bones!)
Love surprises!!!! Best Pre-Christmas present ever for this mama :-)

Thursday, December 19, 2013

"Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree....."

 Who knew two little firemen were such good Christmas tree hunters??? Better late than never is the moto I'm using for Christmas this year....;-)

Monday, December 9, 2013

Forrest and Grandpa's First Bike Ride

First of many I hope! This was the day before Thanksgiving along the beautiful Elk River...we had a blast!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Two Days After the Big Snow...

 Still plenty of white stuff to go around...

The sun was so bright it hit 33 degrees...

We went on our second snow adventure...

In awe, hot cocoa face and all...

Mr Bear decided to visit our summer beach...glad someone is enjoying it!

Forrest and Talin enjoyed snacks, cookies, and cocoa in the snow, before being scared by their Mama on a too steep sled run...whoops!
Our snow man stands guard, under the evening moonlight, as jack frost makes his appearance...

Our home through a new lense...

Friday, December 6, 2013

Snowy night...

 It has been bone chilling cold here in our corner of the state, and today we finally got a change from the sunny and cold weather to precipitation. In the form of SNOW. I had to work in Eureka in the morning, and in Willow Creek, (only 15 minutes from our house), in the afternoon. This was a blessing, as the day went on the snow got worse. I doubt I would have been able to make it home if I was doing my normal work hours on the coast today.

The kids loved it, the drive and the ability to play in the powdery white stuff in their own front yard. I love my Subaru. That thing is a rock through the crazy conditions. I passed numerous spun out vehicles on my way home and never felt out of control or unsafe. A very good thing! I think we have about 3 inches of the stuff right now, just enough to make a small snowman and have some fun before it got dark. I even made a snow angel! And it's still falling! Very cozy and nice :-)
We have a high tomorrow of 36 so I hope it sticks around for awhile...

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Dinos in the Redwoods...

We've had a great week with my parents and sister. I'm still waiting on some pictures my Dad took to tell the whole story, but I will share a little stop we made on the way home on Friday. I've seen this place on the side of 101 in Southern Oregon many times, but never did stop. Till today!!!!

 I think it's called Prehistoric Gardens, located about 10 minutes north of Gold Beach on the Oregon coast. A bit overpriced I think at $10 a piece for adults, but where else can you see 26 various dino's, life size, or close to it, roaming around beautiful redwood trees!

The boys loved it, and it made for a great stop to stretch legs on the way home. I'm sure we'll be visiting these dino friends again in the future!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Highs and Lows

It's been a week of rainbows and sickness, compliments and stress, productivity and overeating, gifts and no sleep, sunny days and no exercise.
yin and yang I suppose.
Thankful for most of it, very thankful for our health, when we have it.

This little sickie has had croup all week. He got the nasty virus last year too, and sure enough, 2 am Monday night it rather abruptly, without warning, reared its ugly head again. I though he was fighting it well when the poor guy spiked a good temp and threw up in my car last night at 11 when I was picking him up after work to take him home. Such an awful cough, croup brings. Lots of clean up, loving up, and spit up later, and we finally got a few hours of sleep.
Tonight, still a 102 fever, but at least some smiles!!!!!


I'm very thankfully aiming for next Tuesday evening, when I have 6 entire days off to enjoy my parents, my sister, and my boys and give thanks for all of it. 7 days of work in the 8 days before my break will be a bit of a sprint to the goal, but after the highs and lows of this week, it is incredible to have a mini respite in sight.
Here's to some balance in our lives...

Puzzle Love

Monday, November 11, 2013

A new addition to the Fultmeyer Family...

Starting our walk out to the neighbors house to meet our newest pet for the first time! The boys were so excited they walked the whole mile, up hill most of the way, without a peep....

The boys were impressed...This guy, a bearded dragon, is very cool!

Forrest a bit shy and scared at first...

...but not anymore! This bearded dragon has a new family of fans!
So...yes, our family is growing, with the addition of a reptile! This 6 month old bearded dragon lizard needs a home and apparently we are the lucky winners of the job. Our neighbors are housing him for the next month until we finish the boy's rooms, as space is at a minimum at the moment. I won't lie. I was less than thrilled at the thought of it, but after meeting the guy, (Kevin is his name, though we were more thinking of Oz, or Wizard, or something great and powerful...:-) he is kinda cool! And the boys love him. He's fun to feed, very mellow to hold, and apparently only poops once a week, (we'll see about that!)
Welcome to our lively home Kevin...errr...Oz....Wizard....I hope you don't go batty!!!

Weekend Happenings...

Apples, beets, a few eggplant, and more peppers! Loving the great Fall :-)

I was making my own batch of pumpkin muffins...and some jam out of balckberries and strawberries and the boys decided to join in on the fun...floor style! Play-Doh muffins and bread, complete with whole apples and a milk box as an Oven. May not be easy-bake, but still lots of fun!

And it's always fun to decorate Mom's real pumpkin muffins with frosting and sprinkle treats!