Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!---Happy Steelhead fishing!---Lego Initiation!!!!!!

Boy oh boy was Christmas day busy for the Fulton family. Well of course with boys aged 2 1/2 and 4 1/2 anyone would expect such things!
This is what Alex and I did a LOT of today.....

The whole shebang ALLL SET UP!!! You won't see it like this again folks! 1 split second after this photo the red house on fire was in shambles and the helicopter was in pieces with parental sweet mutterings being not so sweet. Bed time here we come.....

As well as watching little boys play in new costumes from Santa such as THESE.....
Darth Vader minus his mask and The Incredible Hulk....Santa's addition of the light saber for both boys made it!

And listening to a TON of "Ohhhh my Gosh MOM!!! This is SO COOOL!!!!!I can't believe Santa brought me THIS!!!!" (Forrest's exact words when he saw the new Lego table Santa had brought him piled with presents...)
Christmas is truly magical isn't it!
Talin enjoying some early morning time with Santa Gifts before Forrest woke up. New Lego table and a new rocking chair from Grandma Gloria....oh boy!

Look at all the presents from Santa....!!!!
I think we made it this year a bit longer before the "too much Christmas" syndrome hit too. We let Forrest go without a nap and by the end of the day he was a regular crab apple to put it mildly. We were threatening Santa coming to take is toys away to a more deserving boy when he came around...just enough to entice us to building yet another part of his super duper addicting Coast Guard Lego set, (addicting not only for Forrest, but to Alex and I as well...)as this is our first initiantion to the BIG KID Lego sets and oh boy. We were expecting parent involvement, but we wern't expecting the fact we would actually LIKE building the different contraptions! The boys, or at least Forrest, give us space when we're working through the instruction booklet, and for the most part as long as you keep all the pieces in order, it is a very rewarding practice to build, say, a COMPLETE COAST GUARD BOAT FROM BOTTOM UP AMONGST OTHER THINGS!!!....on Christmas Day :-)
And much more stimulating for the mind too. A glass of wine helps I might add....
Talin on the other hand is WAY TOO YOUNG...yes I repeat, too young, for these Legos. He likes destructing rather than building. Age appropriate. I...errrrr....Santa had thought that getting the boys very similar presents this year was the way to go. Now, I'm not changing my mind, but after hearing Dad's near swear words for the 23rd time after Talin brings his broken Fire Truck for "...eellllp Dada???!!!" I do wonder!
Despite that all, we are a very blessed family indeed. Our boys are healthy smart young humans with spunk, smiles, and spirits that carry the full wonder of Christmas. I love it!
And this Dad...
.... as well, is quite the happy camper landing his 10th adult steelhead for the week within walking distance from our home today, amongst light saber playing little boys with a Mama who was running around like a wild banchee acting as the "Bad Guy" partly to keep warm in the 38 degree weather, (we aren't in So. Cal any more Dorthy!!!!!) and well, partly just because it was a fun thing to do Christmas morning!

Merry Christmas Friends!!!!!

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