Sunday, December 1, 2013

Dinos in the Redwoods...

We've had a great week with my parents and sister. I'm still waiting on some pictures my Dad took to tell the whole story, but I will share a little stop we made on the way home on Friday. I've seen this place on the side of 101 in Southern Oregon many times, but never did stop. Till today!!!!

 I think it's called Prehistoric Gardens, located about 10 minutes north of Gold Beach on the Oregon coast. A bit overpriced I think at $10 a piece for adults, but where else can you see 26 various dino's, life size, or close to it, roaming around beautiful redwood trees!

The boys loved it, and it made for a great stop to stretch legs on the way home. I'm sure we'll be visiting these dino friends again in the future!

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Sheelagh said...

What FUN!!!!! Glad you made the stop this time.