Tuesday, December 24, 2013


SHHHH, don't tell, we're flying down to visit Granny and Grandpa for a surprise pre-Christmas visit!

Lots of entertainment on the plane with new glow in the dark bugs!

...and new SAND from Brookstone. Cool stuff!

Lots of Christmas cookie making!

Stained glass window cookies with Granny!

Wow Aunt Megan, which cookie can I have next?

All set to go in the oven!

Grandpa had about 2...I mean 4...I mean 10 cookies!!!

Morning hot cocoa with Granny

Holiday cookie making cocktail for the sisters

Kiddie cocktail for Forrest
What a fun visit! Arrived home at 2am last night just in time for Christmas Eve and Day with our little famiy in the woods. But oh boy were the Grandparents surprised. Forrest had a blast, and Aunt Megan helped with our plan by doing the airport pick up and drop off. Talin and Dad stayed home this quick trip and made the best of it with some fishy fun, (of course!!!) We got a chance to meet two little 6 week and 3 month old cousins (Little Landon and Levi are so adorable!), attend a two year old party, and soak up some S. Cal mid 70 degree temps with a run and bike ride (warmed up these chilly bones!)
Love surprises!!!! Best Pre-Christmas present ever for this mama :-)

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