Sunday, March 31, 2013

Oh the joys of Easter...

Perhaps not quite matching last years funny fam shot (though I notice I have on my 'easter uniform' I'll have to call it...yikes. That scarf must just call out Easter!) and actually, minus the predictable evening super breakdowns, it was an okay day. Easter was a bit sneaky this year. Here we were thinking of birthdays, St. Patty's Day, spring garden, my boards, and BAM, Easter is here! Despite its stealthiness we still managed to maybe take a good family photo or two, maybe like this one, (too much to ask though to get both kids--uhh and the Dad, to look at the camera, right!)

It was filled with a Golden Egg,
some serious hunting time for the big boy...
Some serious night crawler hunting for Dad as he capitolized on the spring rain and the boys' "hunting spirit!!" (always fish on the brain...)
an almost two year old getting his first for real egg hunt and Easter Bunny magic,

 too much delicious food, and, best of all, wonderful time with our great neighbors and friends. Our "Riverbend Family", we like to call them. Lox to start the morning off...

...then supplemented with a brined Turkey from our home, and a ham dinner with all the fixings from the neighbors. Yummo. Probably enough good food to keep my quite filled up for the week!

Beautiful late afternoon Easter view

Happy Easter to all of you! Hope your peeps are settling well and your sleep tonight is deep, (I know mine will be!)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Garden update...

So as you might gather from the prior post, I've found a new little video app that is really fun. My kids video's are always cute and interesting to me, but to the rest of humanity they are probably just one more slightly cute but too long videos where the sound and lighting are bad! This app makes them only about 1 minute long, and adds music and some editing which is really fun. You never quite know what the end product is going to be like as the app does all the selecting of scenes for you, but it can make some pretty cute stuff!

Anyways, here are two little 1 minute clips on our garden efforts. Spring has sprung and the fruit trees are blooming, daffodils are plentiful, and the spring garden is going in! Lots of broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, and greens. And plenty of compost and weeding of the rasberry and blueberry beds. We currently have two W.W.O.O.Fers with us, Palos and Sean. Matt followed love back to Colorado, and we miss him, but these two guys are very awesome as well. It is so wonderful to see our place get some TLC, see our road get fixed, and see a beautiful garden start to take shape.

Brotherly love...

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Happy #2 Zuri! An 80's party to remember :-)

All adults and kids had a blast at this party! 80's themed, taco bar, margaritas, and great music..... and cute little Zuri, pictured on her Dad's lap with Talin above, was the spirit of the party. Talin and Zuri are only 2 months apart. Cuties!!!!!! Zuri's Dad Michael and I know each other from pre kid days. I was a PA student under Michael who is an awesome PA in Weaverville for a period of time back in 2005. It is very cool to keep in touch after life and kids have changed so much.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

"May the green FORCE be with you!"

And indeed it was! The "force" blessed us with an absolutely gorgeous day, 7 of Forrest's boy buddies(yep, all boys! Just by chance, sure are a lot of little boys around these parts!) perfect play by all little super heros, all had a blast, and the 20 some adults seem to have a great time too, (the Irish coffee and Guiness helped that a bit!)
The super heroes found the party monster pinata!!!

So, the party was complete with superhero capes, masks, cool light up finger laser pointers (just in case an evil wanderer DARE approach this party!) superhero slime, and a whole lot of fun. We did a pinata hunt prior to the pinata bashing which was a ton of fun in itself.

superheros scanning the road...

eating some "SUPER food" to get charged up for the pinata bashing!

Talin getting a push from buddy Thomas!

Two cute boys!

Pinata time! Talin gets first swing!

The little boys watch the older superhero's fight that monster pinata!

Martin almost got him!

Forrest takes some good swings!

Thomas gets some great jabs!

GORGEOUS St. Patty's spring day!

Enjoying the sun, adults were working hard watching those kids burn some serious energy!

inflatable swords...make for great superhero duals!
Talin found a lollipop!(or 12!)
Enjoying the afternoon!

Forrest's favorite present, a rocket launcher. He jumps...and....

....sends the rocket flying!!!

My favorite part though, was after everyone had gone home, and it was just Forrest, Talin, the rocket launcher, and the balloons. Balloons are the BEST.  Forrest told me it was the best superhero party ever.
And now this superhero mom is off for a super night of sleep. Yawn and yawn again :-)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Wise at Four

Playing 20 Questions with Forrest
1) How old are you?
Really! When did you turn six?
I'm FOUR Mama
2) What are your favorite foods?
Toast and bread....and sausage
3)What is your favorite drink
Apple juice
4)What is your favorite toy?
dinosaur robot
5)what is your favorite thing to do outside?
6) Who are your best friends?
Tabis, Bwaden, Gunner, and Fisher, he's a special guy
7) What is your favorite color?
8)If you could teach your little brother one thing, what would it be?
How to not bwoke my lego house
9)What is your favorite dessert?
ice cream with chocolate sprinkles like at bawa's house
10)What do you want to learn about this year?
I want to learn about Arcata
11)What is your favorite book?
The dinosaur book Kawen got me
12)What is one thing you really want to do tomorrow at your birthday party?
Give my special tweats to my friends
13) What do you want to be when you grow up?
---ummm, okay Forrest sure you can DRINK coffee when you grow up but what do you want to do?
Cut firewood like Dad
Okay...that's great! But remember you can do ANYTHING you want to. Fly an airplane, be a firefighter, be a doctor...
I wanna ride in airplanes!

And then...I lost him. But 13 isn't bad.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Happy Kid AFTER the bath is over....

Nothing like a messy post bath yogurt treat to really put a smile on your face....:-)

But, unfortunately for this family and for Talin he is NOT a fan of the bath. As in he screams, fusses, turns bright red, etc. He will play now for awhile, but it is a very short while in the big tub, and in the small sink tub, which I resorted to tonight, he actually did okay. All while making a huge watery mess but hey, the floors need cleaning anyhow! We've tried to do the baths without the hair washing, and it does help a tad, but it is still not an activity that he LOVES. I know other families whos kids just adore bath time. Forrest really loves bath time. In the winter our kids don't get a bath every night. But in the warmer times, they are outside, well, being dirty little boys! Playing in mud, water, often covered in who knows what by the end of the day. So, Mr. better get used to it...baths are going to be coming your way more often!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

2 little boys turning into Brothers

 2 weekends ago, Alex was out working, and Talin woke up too early from his nap, Forrest was fiesty, so Mama said, "Lets go have a picnic!"
 So we loaded up the wagon with special treat juice and snacks, and wheeled out about half a mile to a nice grassy field. We played soccer, took our shoes and socks off-enjoying the warmer weather, and practiced our blanket snuggling action and wagon super hero balancing and flying tricks! Chester our faithful dog accompanied us and these brothers enjoyed it thoroughly.

Chester standing guard as the firefighter backpack clad Forrest takes care of business...;-)
 Here's to more picnics in the future with these brothers!