Sunday, March 31, 2013

Oh the joys of Easter...

Perhaps not quite matching last years funny fam shot (though I notice I have on my 'easter uniform' I'll have to call it...yikes. That scarf must just call out Easter!) and actually, minus the predictable evening super breakdowns, it was an okay day. Easter was a bit sneaky this year. Here we were thinking of birthdays, St. Patty's Day, spring garden, my boards, and BAM, Easter is here! Despite its stealthiness we still managed to maybe take a good family photo or two, maybe like this one, (too much to ask though to get both kids--uhh and the Dad, to look at the camera, right!)

It was filled with a Golden Egg,
some serious hunting time for the big boy...
Some serious night crawler hunting for Dad as he capitolized on the spring rain and the boys' "hunting spirit!!" (always fish on the brain...)
an almost two year old getting his first for real egg hunt and Easter Bunny magic,

 too much delicious food, and, best of all, wonderful time with our great neighbors and friends. Our "Riverbend Family", we like to call them. Lox to start the morning off...

...then supplemented with a brined Turkey from our home, and a ham dinner with all the fixings from the neighbors. Yummo. Probably enough good food to keep my quite filled up for the week!

Beautiful late afternoon Easter view

Happy Easter to all of you! Hope your peeps are settling well and your sleep tonight is deep, (I know mine will be!)

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Sheelagh said...

What fun! We hunted the golden egg when I was a kid too. This year our kids hunted for the motherload. Such fun traditions.