Sunday, March 17, 2013

"May the green FORCE be with you!"

And indeed it was! The "force" blessed us with an absolutely gorgeous day, 7 of Forrest's boy buddies(yep, all boys! Just by chance, sure are a lot of little boys around these parts!) perfect play by all little super heros, all had a blast, and the 20 some adults seem to have a great time too, (the Irish coffee and Guiness helped that a bit!)
The super heroes found the party monster pinata!!!

So, the party was complete with superhero capes, masks, cool light up finger laser pointers (just in case an evil wanderer DARE approach this party!) superhero slime, and a whole lot of fun. We did a pinata hunt prior to the pinata bashing which was a ton of fun in itself.

superheros scanning the road...

eating some "SUPER food" to get charged up for the pinata bashing!

Talin getting a push from buddy Thomas!

Two cute boys!

Pinata time! Talin gets first swing!

The little boys watch the older superhero's fight that monster pinata!

Martin almost got him!

Forrest takes some good swings!

Thomas gets some great jabs!

GORGEOUS St. Patty's spring day!

Enjoying the sun, adults were working hard watching those kids burn some serious energy!

inflatable swords...make for great superhero duals!
Talin found a lollipop!(or 12!)
Enjoying the afternoon!

Forrest's favorite present, a rocket launcher. He jumps...and....

....sends the rocket flying!!!

My favorite part though, was after everyone had gone home, and it was just Forrest, Talin, the rocket launcher, and the balloons. Balloons are the BEST.  Forrest told me it was the best superhero party ever.
And now this superhero mom is off for a super night of sleep. Yawn and yawn again :-)


Sheelagh said...

whoooo hooooo! Looks like fun! I wish my little super heroes were closer to you and yours. Looks like a blast! Happy B-day Fulton Boys!!

Sheelagh said...

And Happy IRISH Day too! Go GREEN!

Alison Willis said...

Wow. That is quite a party! The spread looks incredible! How fun!