Sunday, March 10, 2013

Happy Kid AFTER the bath is over....

Nothing like a messy post bath yogurt treat to really put a smile on your face....:-)

But, unfortunately for this family and for Talin he is NOT a fan of the bath. As in he screams, fusses, turns bright red, etc. He will play now for awhile, but it is a very short while in the big tub, and in the small sink tub, which I resorted to tonight, he actually did okay. All while making a huge watery mess but hey, the floors need cleaning anyhow! We've tried to do the baths without the hair washing, and it does help a tad, but it is still not an activity that he LOVES. I know other families whos kids just adore bath time. Forrest really loves bath time. In the winter our kids don't get a bath every night. But in the warmer times, they are outside, well, being dirty little boys! Playing in mud, water, often covered in who knows what by the end of the day. So, Mr. better get used to it...baths are going to be coming your way more often!

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