Monday, April 6, 2015

Catch up post of all time....March

Talin and I relaxing after a long day of work and preschool

The cutest date around!
Take Two...
So lets wrap up March of 2015 in 1 word. Shall we?
But full of interesting, lovely, fishy, wonderful adventures. And a helluva lotta work--(no better way to put that!). Buuuut, then end is in sight, for this Mama, or at least a more normal schedule is in sight. And I can't wait!
Here are a few pictures to capture the events, in REVERSE chronological order!

My strawberry weed puller Talin, complete with his batting gloves

Late March Rain

Evening puddle tromp

A triple burn pile kind of night...with friends!

No roasting marshmallows on these fires!

Jumpstarting the worked!

Running in your underwear makes you faster. It really really does!

Two little fisherman, and the two DAD fisherman!
A great weekend with friends! The Tusa family. Four boys 6 and under. Wowee. FUN!

The little brothers get their shot, and they SCORE!

Forrest Fulton turns SIX!

Forrest's "on his own" 1-100. We've come a long way folks.

One of his many prized 6 year old presents, flies
More prized gifts!


Adult runback steelhead!

We got our spring garden in!

Two covered rows of broccoli and cauliflower. Yum!

Endless daffodils!
  We take a day trip down the river with the boys! First time in a long time. It was so nice to let them play on the river bars, and rocks, while we fished and played. We found the cutest puppy and dogs and made friends quickly. Not so great in the end as they tried to follow up down river. Uhhohhh! We hope they made it back safe!

The brothers catching a few half pounders!

Thing #1 and #2 having a BLAST adventuring on the rocks. They did great!
My big 6 year old picks a bouquet for him Mama :-) 

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