Saturday, February 28, 2015

The catch up post of all catch up posts.....But not really. I can't minimize GRANNY'S TWO WEEK VISIT!!!!

My wonderful newly retired Kindergarten teacher extroardinaire mother visited our home for two whole weeks this February. I meant to do a major catch up post to finally get in a real time blogging format but just couldn't gloss through her visit.
It was so wonderful on so many levels!
The initial plan HAD been to drive down to S. Cal, family in tow, to drop the kiddos off with the gandparents so Alex and I could have a few days alone. BUT, I backed out, majorly. I had a 4 day weekend, but both jobs were demanding more and I decided to ask if, by chance, my Mom could come up here?!
And she came, superhero Granny extroardinare! She also volunteered in Forrest's K class, got to spend some key one on one time with him, and helped their teacher immensely with testing, which happened to be occuring while she was visiting. It really is amazing how much Forrest has improved during and since her visit, his letters, numbers, sounds, sight words. All of it.
Here is a pictage of just a few of the kids adventures.
Making a handprint plate with Granny

Picnic time!

Town trip with a quick Sequoia Park jaunt after lunch!
  Alex and I were lucky enough to take two great day trips. One for a great super long-would never do that with the kids- day hike. It was 16 miles round trip and we capitalized on the amazing but worrisome sunny beautiful February weather with a hike into the Trinity Alps. It was gorgeous!
It was nice hiking that distance, talking as much as we wanted to, without being interrupted by our little Thing #'s 1 and 2. And it was nice picking a good distance to go, WITHOUT a big overnight pack! Neither of us are in backpacking shape, so that would have been a bit too much.

We hiked out at dusk, ending fully in the dark. Luckily with headlamps! An adventure!

Our 2nd full day trip, a week later, was a great boating trip down a very remote section of river. This river, the S. Fork of the Trinity, is a big unknown to Alex, the fish guru. They can have amazingly big steelhead and salmon. But, alas, nothing for us except white water fun and great solo adventure time! Brrrrr!
Testing out the GoPro!

Lots of sandwiches for this trip!

Beautiful foggy river canyon first thing in the morn.

Beautiful waterfalls EVERYWHERE!

I was a super lucky girl and got to ride my bike at the end of the day for the shuttle!

My boat, end of the day. Great great time!
My Mom's trip was fantastic in so many ways. I can't thank her enough for the two wonderful weeks she gave to Alex and I, and the boys. I can't wait for the next time!

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