Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas 2014

Cuties! Talin and his preschool buddy, Izzie

 December is such a busy time for me, on the work front. Add in the usual holiday work parties, fun neighborhood festivities, visits with family and friends, and heck, where do I find time for presents?? But, Santa did indeed come visit this year! Here is a brief pictage of our holiday at home.

Forrest's Holiday Concert! He's on the top in the red.

We FINALLY searched and cut down our Christmas tree!-Better late than never!  Can you tell who wanted a bigger one!??

Silly Talin, decorating the Christmas Tree

Admiring the growing Christmas card wall!

White Christmas Magic

The Advent Bottle came in handy on Christmas Eve for Santa's Helpers!

Final touches on the stock car track Santa left!

Christmas magic!

Talin's firehouse magic!

No white Christmas this year! Christmas Day was beautiful! I took a gorgeous run!

What's a holiday without special "tweets"? Talin waiting for his hot chocolate...

LOTS and LOTS of whipped cream necessary!

making it just "perfect"

Happy Boy Numero Uno

Happy Boy Numero Dos!
Wildlife Bingo with the grandparents!

Books with Granny

Fun with Grandpa

All suited up for some night time light up parachute action with Grandpa!

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