Friday, December 5, 2014

Lots of fun with the litte guys!

 This December we've had fun with the smaller version of the monster steelhead and salmon you often see in our pictures. These smaller, younger steelhead are called half-pounders, similar to a trout, and are usually around 14-18 inches, or at least the ones we keep are! They are good to eat and very fun to catch, both for kiddies and adults. And the fact you can just saunter out your front door, down the river trail, and catch 10 of these guys in 2 hours is amazing to say the least. It has been an amazing half pounder year this year! This particular day was on one of my more rare Friday's off. I had to work a week bit in the morning in the local clinic and then made it home for a 2 hour fish session prior to bus pick up time for Forrest for Kindergarten.

 It was a blast! Just Alex, Talin, and I! Rain was occuring as you can tell, but it was a warm rain and Talin was having a blast helping to reel in the halfpounders. We kept a few of these for a lovely fish fry dinner.

So thanks to the little guys of our river for feeding our family and providing us with enjoyment to boot.

PS---As I write this we are STILL catching nothing but halfpounders, and it's 1 month later. I have a fish crazy hubby going nuts for the big guys! But we are still thankful, really, we are!

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