Monday, December 15, 2014

Special Forrest Pre-Christmas trip to visit Granny and Grandpa!

Forrest and I were lucky enough to be able to sqeeze in a quick weekend trip to go see Granny and Grandpa! At just a couple of weeks before Christmas it was a real treat. With the major "event" of the trip being my cousin Sara's baby shower, we jam packed in the fun pre-Christmas activities, just as we had last year! A special Christmas breakfast....

 Cookie making-His Favorite, stained glass window cookies!

And even growing Candy Canes!

He also got some good Grandpa time in with the coveted remote control motorcycle---though this mama wasn't able to get pictures of that one.....

And of course, feasting on a few shower treats!

Forrest is a pretty dang good traveler now, or perhaps I've just become the experienced parent with travel! Probably more of the latter. We had to deal with a late evening flight and a delayed plane, but a little hot chocolate and a Mom not afraid to take a bigger than normal toy on the plane led to a peaceful flight. Though it was only an hour ride! This mama is still a bit gun shy to take a longer flight! Though the flight attendant even gave me a free glass of wine...she must have sensed Forrest's feisty potential that was brewing...
Though the whirlwind trip for this 5 yearold kiddo was perfect. Keep him moving, that's my secret! Here's to more weekends of fun with Granny and Grandpa!

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