Sunday, September 29, 2013

Got Rain???

Okay Peeps. It is only September 29th, and thus far we have had 10 rainy days, (yes sometimes just showers, though some times outright torrential DOWNPOUR) out of the last 14. It seems like just 2 weeks ago, (actually yes, it was actually just two weeks ago!) that I was moaning and groaning about 100+ temps and...sigh..."the river, AGAIN, with my two boys? Oh okay...;-)"
What a crazy weather change we have had! It's not cold, but rainy, oh yes. In a matter of days it has gone from summer time, no clothes, river, too hot to sleep, etc to "what the heck do I do with two crazy boys all day inside!!!"
And then my inner Katie kicks in and says..."Why are you inside, silly, OUTSIDE!!! Get them OUTSIDE!!! Grab snacks, just GO!!!"
So we do.
Even amidst better judgement, looming crazy downpours on the radar of our weather geekdom website, and the boys literally at each others throats...(which is the main reason to get them OUTSIDE!!! right?)
And fun we had.

No fish caught.
Lots of bananas, veggie chips, and chocolate chip cookies consumed, and very wet bodies at the end, but totally worth it. To be totally honest we were probably only down there for an hour and a half, and the kids were not exactly totally into it all. But, I KNOW it was good for them and us to get out of the house! Forrest even managed to spool out his own plug in the water under his fish guru father's watchful eye...all by himself.
Chocolate chip cookie face

Proud of his fishing pole, waiting for those steelhead!

Water blot and all, a fishy family

Wet hike back up
But, really now. This is all great when temps are still in the 60's with the rain and the days are semi long, but I seriously am going to need ideas on how to keep myself from going crazy this winter. YES the boys' rooms are going to be done before long, (I hope I hope!) so that will be wonderful and give us all some much needed space, but, we're still going to need some new activities.
I plan to make a Michael's trip to restock our craft supply....but with boys, or at least my two boys this only lasts so long. It makes a huge mess which I'm willing to make, but for 20 minutes, tops?  Other rainy ideas we already have are mid day baths...this can take hours of time :-) Big floor puzzles, I only have one but more might come in handy. Baking adventures... Forts....etc. But what about fun games? And I think I want to hit post Halloween costume sales as the kids LOVE to dress up these days.  We have movies, I just really try to limit them with Forrest as he's always a bit nuts afterwards. He earns them, but I feel those are parental freebies.

So friends, any grand ideas out there for this family of boys in the woods?

I'm all ears!


Ashley said...

I agree they gotta get outside! My girls can only do so much inside with out have projects and crafts!!!!! And with out eventually hurting each other!!!!
Play-dough, chalk drawing, sticker crafts are big with us, dot dot books, coloring, and just discovered little kid Legos. They are occupied for awhile building but need multiple sets as they both fight over them!

Fultmeyer Clan said...

I hear you on the legs. Forrest actually has already graduated to the big kid set and loves them, and now little Talin refuses to play with the little kid set, wants to be like big bro. I had forgotten about playdoh, need to stock up!Coloring just doesn't do it for my boys.

Sheelagh said...

playdough is big for my boys. They love to make it (cook it on the stove) and then play with it. They get to pick their color and it makes the entire activity last longer.
My boys also love to bake. Do yours? That can take a good amount of our time. Making it and then waiting for it. Jonah also loves mazes and find it books. He enjoys card games too; go fish and old maid and crazy 8s are age appropriate. He can be really competitive though so I have to take a deep and just smile through that. David is a lot harder to engage. Nothing pleases his more than getting into all things he should not be into!!!

Deborah said...

Have you checked out play at home mom? They have some fun ideas.