Sunday, September 22, 2013

Recovering from "Feeling under the weather...."

Today was a good day. Yesterday, and the day before, were not. I was under the weather with some kind of cruel crud, probably a product of six different planes to and fro the beautiful city of Boston...or perhaps a vicious and never welcome present from one of my poor patients. Regardless, I'd been feeling coughy and crappy all week...but thanks to Vitamin I and cough drops had been charging through...and Friday....THUD! I fell hard. The rain fell harder. We were under the deluge of the crazy September storm, trying to make up from the super hot dry summer we had, all in one waterfall. To add further contrast to the day, it was our 5 year wedding anniversary. Which no one had any energy to even try to plan or address. All I can say is it gave new meaning to "...In sickness and in health....;-)"
Pneumonia? Crazy transatlantic killer bug? It had me phoning a friend way up here in our little house in the big woods on Saturday morning for what has seemed to be the life saving Z-pack. I'm not an antibiotic lover. I mean, I use them judiciously with myself, perhaps a bit more graciously with my patients, and having been through no less than 30 little kid viruses can't really remember the last time I choked them down. But today I'm loving them. Feeling that death like fatigue, body aches that make you feel like you just ran a marathon, chills and fever, crappy cough, and lungs that feel like you are breathing out of a straw are great ways to really put you back in your place. Very humbling. The great spirits telling me "YOU CRAZY WOMAN! YOU FLY YOURSELF AND YOUR 4 YEAR OLD ACROSS THE COUNTRY AND BACK, ALL THE WHILE ATTENDING 40 HOURS OF CONFERENCE IN 4 DAYS, ATTENDING A WEDDING WITHIN 30 MINUTES OF STEPPING OFF THE PLANE AT THE END OF YOUR TRIP, THEN GO STRAIGHT TO AN EXTRA LONG WEEK OF WORK WITH TOO MUCH OVERTIME!!!!"
Okay, point well said spirits.
So I rested.
I was forced to rest.
I think I slept 24 hours in the 36 hours between Friday night and Sunday morning. My body told me I didn't have a choice. And I recovered! And today I feel the life again.
Good Bye Killer Bug, Hello FALL!!!!

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