Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Monterey Bay Aquarium and time with the Great Grandparents....

I think it's about time to finish up my California Coast trip as now I'm in Massachusettes on another trip with Forrest... Busy month, whew!
Monterey Bay Aquarium was a lot of fun with my two little boys.... And a LOT of work tackling this adventure solo. The kids were always wanting to go in separate directions and I personally consider it a successful trip that I didn't loose either one of the boys! We had two day tickets which was nice after a day of little sleep.... No pressure to stay till closing as I knew we could come back the next morning fresh and ready to go. We found a good hotel just 3-4 blocks from the aquarium and had fun walking down downtown Monterey. Looking forward to more trips here with Alex in the future! (Sorry for the dates on the pictures...Forrest has "borrowed" my phone I think, can't figure out how to get it off...)
Lots of fun for these boys with the huge awesome aquariums

The seahorse and jelly fish exhibit were great on day 2

happy boys!
 Monterey also has the BEST park I have ever seen. Dennis the Menace Park was right up our alley for a quick...lets get these kids TIRED out before a long car ride....trip!

Talin loved the Dennis statue at the park enterance

Amazing! And this was only half of it!

Forrest and Talin loving this cool super length rolling slide complete with a stair arch
After our fun filled Monterey time, I took the senic route down to Morro Bay to visit my wonderful Grandparents. The kids slept through the first 3/4 of the drive. It was absolutely gorgeous!

Awesome Big Sur Bridge

Forrest at Ragged Point

Next up was fun times and dinner with Great Grandpa and Great Grandma! We are so incredibly lucky to have two amazing Great Grandparents in our kids lives. Morro Bay was beautiful, and we were able to cook up a salmon/garden feast from our home garden. It was such a special and memorable time....Playing with trucks and cars on the floor and rigging up dune buggies with trailers with Grandpa and walking to the playground with Grandma. Very special!!!
Little Boys and their Great Grandpa

Talin enjoyed walking to the play ground JUST like his Great Grandma Sheila

Forrest chose the FAVORITE cup, the icecream cup for his fav as a kid too!

Talin and Grandma share some snuggles

Silly boys on the beach with Morro Rock in the background

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