Monday, September 2, 2013

A great dinner with Tammy and Alethea....

 Saturday night in Santa Barbara, the boys and I were lucky enough to have dinner and a great evening with these two very special people and their families...Tammy and Alethea! More rowing friends to make my August month of visits with some of my great friends from the UCSB days complete! This was so amazing, and I'm only sorry we didn't capture the three of us better, but, alas, the sky was ablaze with a terrific sunset and those memories will be with us forever, even if the picture didn't come out great :-) Tammy and her family have a fabulous house complete with a pool and jacuzzi, as well as tons of little boy toys Forrest and Talin just thought were the COOLEST! Alethea and her husband joined us for a great dinner of snacks, pizza, and other treats as we caught up and let our 4 (FOUR!!!!) little boys, age 12 mos to 4 years 5 months rage and play and enjoy each-others crazy but cute boy energy.
Forrest checking out the great SB pool view! He had such a great time! Forrest and Graham had their first real swimming race this evening!
"Auntie" Alethea and cutie Carter playing together

Two very lucky boys snacking on delicious cookies made by Alethea!

The two little's of the group, Carter, and Talin, bond for some floor play!

Group shot! Tensions were high here as the kids were a bit nuts, an extra request from Graham to have "Aunt" Megan in the picture made the shot!
These meetups with awesome people I love to call friends really are moments I'll treasure forever. So much has changed, but there is also so much that we still share in common, (like these 4 little boys!) Thank you so much Tammy and Alethea for a wonderful evening...:-)

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