Sunday, September 22, 2013

"Look at Me!!!"

 This little 2 year 4 month old...T-Baby as I used to, and still perhaps, call him, is SUCH a cutie these days. He is the definition of cute, if I do say so myself. He does not always fill this role, as just as recently as 4 weeks ago he seemed to be in the full fledged "terrible two's", as well as the "No more sleep for me" stage, and the "Lets get all of my two year old molars at once" stage. Or, who really knows, but I wasn't calling him cute then. Although he does still seem so much cuter and baby like than Forrest at this age, he really is growing up. Okay, so yes, he still uses his pacifier for sleeping, still is in diapers, (though at least is telling us now when he pees and poops...a start!), and still sleeps in a pack N play by our bed, (more so because the boys rooms are not ready yet than anything else though...) But other than these points, he is absolutely in little boy mode. He loves stuffed animals more than Forrest ever did, likes to pretend he is a puppy dog and crawl around on the floor, and still likes his cuddles and loves, even if just now for a few seconds, or during his grouchy after nap spells.
Lately though, his words have exploded. He has been our little parrot for awhile, but now the language is just bursting out at the seams.
He has been called a Mama's Boy, but after spending 9 days with Dad while Mom and Forrest were out in Boston, I would argue with that!
He did wonderful with Alex, and got to fish, (of course,) and be more of a Big Boy than usual, without his Forrest around.

He LOVES books, primarily his favorite 5 tractor books, and would request you read them to him no less than 30 times a day if we let him. He also can tell you just about every sort of specific tractor and truck that you could have ever thought existed. I'm lucky in this regard as it makes our hour long commutes on the high way so much more eventful when you are guaranteed to pass multiple logging trucks and dozens of bulldozers and tractors that are always present.
His favorite three words lately..."Look at Meeeeee!" said in the cutest little voice imaginable. And then he'll show you the silly goggles he is wearing, the little jig or jump he is trying, or just to gain attention from his big brother.
And oh, Brothers. They can be SO incredibly adorable. Hands down, my best, heart melting, parenting moments are when these two boys are being so incredibly sweet, imaginative, and smart in their play together. They are fantastic, racing around in their super hero costumes, pretending to be skeletons, Wild Kratt brothers, or playing some version of floor hockey with blocks, kitchen spatulas, and laundry baskets, (just this morning, where do they get these ideas???Have they EVER seen hockey? NOOO! Crazy!)
But they can be devilish. Mainly the eldest Fulton boy.
But little T Boy has a brain on him, we are finding out quickly.
Today Forrest was hogging the box of grapes from our neighbor. Talin asked him for some, without "Please". We advised him to add "please" to try to gain coveted grapes. He did, saying, "Please share my grapes ist...." ("Ist = Forrest, for now :-)
Despite his nice words, Big Brother was not sharing. Alex and I were both telling Forrest he really should share when Talin had his own idea. He saw Forrest's blankie laying on the floor, went over and grabbed it, silently as could be, and just stood there cuddling with it until Forrest saw him. Forrest of course, abruptly left his grape post and dashed to Talin, demanding his blanket---no please of course. While Forrest was preoccupied, Talin then scampered back to the grape box, making Forrest FURIOUS, and his parents amazed. Alex and I both cracked up. Talin is already learning to outsmart his big brother.
Yes it is always eventful with the two Fulton brothers in the house! But they really are ying and yang, in an adorable little boy, crazy energy type of way. And we are so excited to keep seeing what type of little personality Talin will continue to show us.

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