Saturday, August 31, 2013

Santa Barbara Triathlon.... trip I took a week ago might come at you a bit out of order. Because it was broken up between three beautiful cities and 6 days, I think each portion may need its OWN post, ( and because that's just how my brain can function these days...!)
So, SB Tri. YES!!!! It was wonderful I was competing in this team style. As a team, we had to conquer a 1 mile swim, a 34 mile bike, and a 10 mile run. My sister conquered the massive 10 mile run, and did AWESOME.....! Only the second time she had run that distance ever! I competed in the 34 mile bike and met my goal of doing that distance in under 2 hours, and a friend of Megan, the wonderful Carolyn, killed the 1 mile swim! Did fabulous!
Now, everyone says, well HOW REALLY DID YOU DO? And I say back, we did fabulously. The competition in SB is tough. REALLY tough. We were very obviously surrounded by amazing top notch athletes, iron men and women, some olympians, or just those super fit peeps that are very inspiring to me. So, we hung in there and finished in the middle of the pack amongst women teams which I was proud of!
It really is so amazing to race against people like this, even to hang on to them going up a hill in Montecito, on a beautiful sunny day, (as in my case, doing the bike!) and completely blow yourself out TRYING to keep up with them, standing the entire 2 mile climb, and then being a bit "toasted" for the rest of the ride but still pulling through.
It was fun, the kids went with the flow, (which was a feat in itself! Thanks to Katie, sister Meg's great friend, babysitter on the spot extroairdinaire!!!!) and we were very happy we accomplished our goal.
Enjoy the little video....

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