Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A gaggle of kids....

 This past weekend my boys and I were lucky enough to be invited to this splendorous place........
 ...with this lovely lady and her wonderful family!!! Yes the gorgeous Sheelagh and her family vacation at John's Grandparents' family cabin at Lake Almanor and it is absolutely amazing. Picture a gorgeous lake view, an endless lawn with great grass for little bare feet and toes to tromp on, complete with the quintessential hammock, tree house, tether-ball court, awesome deck, sunrise and sunset bench, dock filled with water toys, and of course the hot tub, just to cap it off. Couple that amaziness with the amazing, kid friendly cabin filled with mementos of great family times and you have yourself a great setting for fun!
Little David ready for some lake fun with his crazy hair!
Sheelagh and I try to meet up a couple times a year. My two boys are very close in age to her two boys, Jonah and David. In fact, Jonah and Forrest are just 5 days a part and share some similarities that always make their feisty meet ups fun. Talin and David and the quintessential cutie pie blondie/blue eyed two year olds and always get the smiles! These kids had a blast. Whether it was kayak and swimming fun, pirate play under the dock steps, hot tub madness, shooting star viewing, or just your run of the mill silliness these kids have it good! And so do their parents...mixing up strawberry salsa, chatting about life and mama hood, and just reminiscing about the rowing days, it was amazing!
Junior pirates searching for lost treasure under the dock steps

Enjoying the view of the pine trees....

Chaos...to hungry salmon feasting kiddos!!!! 6 little bodies can actually do one thing together!

T and I enjoying watermelon!

This video is just a little snipit of some of the amazing kid energy and scenery at this memorable cabin on Lake Almanor.  Endless thanks to Sheelagh and John and their wonderful grandparents for sharing their special home with us!

And now off to bed. Whew, those kids wear me out!!!


Alison Willis said...

What a wonderful trip! So happy you all get together:)
Looks like a beautiful setting and a whole lot of good kid energy!!!

Sheelagh said...

It was awesome to have you guys there with us. Thank you for making the trip over....all very well said in your blog! I LOVE our little guys together. It is so fun to see how they grow and change between each get together. I especially enjoyed seeing Forest and Jonah play so creatively together this time!