Sunday, August 4, 2013

And the Adventures just keep on coming....

So, Forrest and I had big adventure numero dos today.
Yep, did we ever. And this one involved travel by bike, car, (a really COOL car at that!), boat, and foot. It also might have involved a crash, but we all lived to tell about it.
It all started with the trip this morning to drop our truck off at the bridge down river as the goal was another float down in the kayak. We were tagging along with our neighbors who were having a family reunion and tubing with 12 + people.
But, we wern't just going to leave the truck at the down river bridge and get a ride back, no sireeeeee. We were going to RIDE back!!!!
And we did. A whopping 2.6 miles, but our first real ride on a paved rode and to get to any distance or destination. Forrest loved it and I got a helluva work out for the 18 minutes I was pedaling as Forrest is still figuring out that whole legs turning the pedals concept....
After we did our whole truck drop off-ride back to the house up steep dirt roads- dealio Alex helped me get the kayak down to the river and I hiked down to the beach with Talin so he could have a "venture" too with Dad, as this adventure stuff is big time now in our Fulton family, (evidently, from our little parrot's mouth).
Alex held down the home beach with little T boy
Pure suffering I tell ya....but really, thanks honey :-)
 While Forrest and I headed down river, quick like, to catch up with the neighbors.......

 And indeed we did, all dozen of them. Then the pace dropped off, I quit my personal race, and we floated leisurely down the river, stopping to have little beach adventures along the way.

Forrest under the Salyer Bridge

Exploring on the rocks

Watching cool guy Luke doing cool dives off the rock

Our kayak float was awesome. We swam and played and floated and all too soon on this near 100 degree but amazingly clear afternoon, (the smoke magically left for a wee bit!) we were done!

At the take out, we all huff it back up the trail with our tubes and kayaks in tow. Now comes Forrest's favorite part, where we got to ride in Luke's COOL car, just a mile up the highway back to our truck, as we were having so much fun we decided to go farther on our kayak trip than we had anticipated. Forrest LOVED Luke's car. Oh boy, did he ever.

That is one happy boy there, with neighbor Jerry beside him. To ride in the back seat of the COOLEST car ever, no carseat, with Jerry's cool river hat. Well, that face just tells it all!

What an adventure!
And, it wasn't over yet! After a movie/quiet time break, Forrest requested another bike ride....!
So off we went for a berry picking evening ride.
Did you notice that no nap was ever mentioned in this adventure story????Hence the crazy Forrest faces starting to show....;-)

Unfortunately this also led to an adventure in falling. We had our first dirt road tumble, all my fault. This is the first time in a while little brother hasn't been tagging along in the kiddie trailer, so I took F on a road we don't normally go on. It was a bit rutted out and I got caught in a divit going down hill. We fell to our left, ended up with skinned knees, (me), and Forrest with a story to tell.
war wounds
 He's now convinced we need to buy super cool soft pads to cover our knees and weiners, (hmmmmm) and is convinced his helmet has a purpose.....
Weird face number 47, bedtime is coming fast!

Worth my skinned knees I'd say! What a day. We'll both sleep well tonight!

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