Sunday, August 18, 2013

The fun times with Friends just keep coming!!!

We were lucky enough to have MORE friends come to our part of the woods to visit! Rowing friend Sarah and her sweet husband Jonathan and cutie pie son Owen ended their week long vacation in Northern Cal. They rented a beach house out in Trinidad and brought some supremely beautiful and warm weather with them. Talin and I joined them after my crazy Friday at work and were lucky enough to be able to spend the night in the gorgeous beach house. We cooked dinner, caught up, and the little boys enjoyed some great play time overlooking Trinidad Head and the calm lovely Pacific Ocean.  That night we enjoyed great wine and sleepily, (stayed up way too late for our tired Mama schedules...;-) shared great conversation about our little boys, old rowing friends, and the like....

We then headed out to our house, and the fun times kept coming! After an amazing pool party at the neighbors, we spent a few hours that evening down by the river playing and enjoying the little boys. Needless to say after that crazy ranch fun our beds quickly found us!
I don't have many pictures, as Sarah and Jonathan have a great camera and were the official photographers. it was a great couple of days. We had a great time with little Owen! It's so fun to reconnect with old friends after kids. You all of the sudden share this common bond, besides rowing, or college, and it makes the visits awesome!
What a dinner view! Dining in style, mac and cheese and melon...and wine for the parents :-)
Gorgeous sunset

Early morning ocean viewing

Talin enjoying the morning view with his fav 'pack pack

And, as with Sheelagh's family, I just HAD to get a little video of the two little boys having fun in a crazy way :-)

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