Friday, October 4, 2013

The big trip to Massachusettes to visit Aunt Nat

This post is long overdue, but I am finally going to share some of the fun times we had on the east coast visiting Forrest's favorite fire fighter, his Aunt Nat! The travel was stressful, but oh so worth it for Forrest and I. He got to spend time with Natalie while I got to attend a fabulous medical conference in Boston, (not being sarcastic here, it really was great!)
It was a whirlwind week, filled with boating and river trips on the Connecticut River, fun times exploring Aunt Nat's town of South Hadley, Forrest's first real movie in a movie theater, thunder/lightning/humidity/heat/fall all in one week, making Nat and Scott's beautiful home his own in so many ways, and of course the amazing trip to Nat's fire station-absolutely the highlight of his trip!
For myself it was a continuing lesson of travel with a young child and what NOT to do ;-) Perhaps that deserves its own post. But it was also feeling the vibe of a wonderful big city again, getting used to the East Coast ways of toll roads and crazy traffic, expanding my mind and professional skills with over 40 hours of lecture, treating myself to great city food and perhaps some shopping...:-) And, most of all, spending a few awesome days with my sister and her boyfriend Scott. I miss her so much, she really is so far away and this time was priceless.
I have so many more pictures to share, but here is a short video showing some of our great adventures together.
Thanks Aunt Nat and Scott, (and Shelby!!!) for all your help,wonderful care, and patience with Forrest and your older crazy 'Momster'

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