Sunday, October 13, 2013

Our neighborly animals...

Lately we have had a few cool experiences with our amazing animal friends that coexist with us in our great big backyard.
This guy for example!!!
Alex and his buddy Tyson were fishing and this beaver just kind of hung around, sleepily on the rocks, watching them fight fish. Not at all spooked by people, and quite lackadaisical in nature, it was the closest Alex had gotten to a beaver! Couple this with some great pictures, and the fact Forrest in currently infatuated with the series Wild Kratts and all animals, including their beaver episode,  overall it makes for some great memories with this semi-Eager Beaver ;-)
Mr. Beaver watching Tyson fight his fish

Other animal sightings have been quite a few deer, though no pictures. Talin is rather obsessed with seeing deer, going out to find deer, and then telling us about it afterwards, really whether or not he has seen one or not.
Also quite fun was this pair of bald eagles at their perch just outside our neighborhood gate. This tree is a favorite spot among the local eagles, red-tailed hawks, and osprey. But this sighting was pretty amazing. TWO of the great baldies, enjoying the view.

Very awesome for these beautiful creatures to share their home with us!

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Sheelagh said...

Just one more reason why I LOVE where you live. SOOOO cool. Seeing the beaver up that close must have been pretty awesome.