Monday, October 28, 2013

A perfect weekend...

In which the superheroes took over and celebrated with a Halloween spooky feast!
In which the beautiful Fall weather pulled us outside for a great hike in the Trinity Alps. Forrest was indeed a super hiker, fueled by his Batman costume, (and who am I to argue with that!) and we are dreaming of a time soon, (real soon!!! perhaps?) that we will do our first real backpacking trip with our boys.
In which we made cider! I know I've posted on this before, but this was our first time doing it all by ourselves with the boys. It was a blast.  Forrest was a rock....errrr cider star!
In which I took advantage of the Fall trees and my tree loving boys and snapped a few keepers.

What a weekend, makes the going back to work thing even tougher...:-(

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Alison Willis said...

Beautiful picture of the that tree and your boys. They are cuties and smiliers for the camera! Quinn always is diverting her eyes off to the side...